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Law Firm Data Breaches: Lessons Learned

7 Lessons Learned From Recent Law Firm Data Breaches

Law Firm Data Breaches: Lessons Learned

Law firm data breaches are on the rise. Nearly 30% of law firms reported some form of security incident in a 2023 American Bar Association survey, and high-profile data breaches regularly make headline news.  But there are valuable lessons to learn that help you protect your practice. According to the American Bar Association, a stunning 29% … Read more

Navigating the Importance of Data Privacy Certification for Lawyers 

Data Privacy Certification for Lawyers

In the digital age, where personal information circulates freely but is also under constant threat, the importance of data privacy for personal injury lawyers cannot be overstated. Handling sensitive client information—ranging from medical records and financial documents to employment history and personal communications—personal injury lawyers bear the weighty responsibility of not only advocating for their … Read more

Unlock Efficiency & Security With Managed IT Services for Lawyers

Why Law Firms Should Go for Managed IT Services

In the intricate and high-stakes arena of plaintiff personal injury (PI) law, every decision and detail matters immensely. Lawyers dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of their clients navigate through complex legal landscapes and emotional turmoil. Amidst these challenges, an often-overlooked yet significant battle is waged against inefficient and outdated technology. In today’s rapidly … Read more

Warning Signs Your Legal Practice Is Susceptible to a Cyberattack

Warning Signs Your Legal Practice is Susceptible to a Cyberattack

The American Bar Association’s 2021 Cybersecurity report indicates that at least 25% of survey respondents experienced a cyberattack “at some time” during the firm’s operations. Because of the ubiquity of technology, especially after COVID-19 thrust the legal profession into the 21st Century, it is vital to recognize and address warning signs that your personal injury law firm … Read more

What Your Small Law Firm Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

What your Small Law Firm Needs to Know about Cybersecurity

As you know, it takes a lot to run a personal injury law firm. From settlement negotiations to client intake to trial and everything in between, many moving parts come together to keep the ship afloat. Cybersecurity may be the last thing on your mind, but a cyberattack can have devastating impacts on your firm. … Read more

Preventing a Ransomware Attack on Your Law Firm

Preventing a Ransomware Attack on Your Law Firm

Before you can prevent a law firm ransomware attack, you need to know what ransomware is. Ransomware is a type of malware/cryptovirus, like an encryption Trojan, that encrypts your data or locks your operating system. As soon as ransomware gets hold of a “digital hostage”, such as a file, it demands a ransom for its … Read more

Mobile Device Policy To Keep Your Law Firms Data Secure

Mobile Device Policy

In the last few years, mobile technology has advanced considerably, and with that the number of people using smartphones in the workplace has increased as well. Particularly as more businesses have begun to adopt flexible, remote, and hybrid working models. As most people in the legal industry use the same mobile device for work and … Read more

Why Old School Legal Storage Tools Are a Recipe for Failure

legal storage management

Personal injury practice is not an easy job. It takes a special personality to juggle dozens of matters, manage countless meetings, and respond to dozens of follow-up emails and tasks every day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a professional with more on his plate than a Lawyer. With so many appointments and responsibilities to handle, … Read more