Mass Tort Software

Both mass tort cases and class action lawsuits involve consolidating multiple suits into one action. In mass tort litigation, however, each member of the plaintiff group is still considered an individual, filing their own lawsuit.

While both types of litigation help make the court system more efficient by reducing the number of cases, personal injury lawyers require more resources than other types of suits. Intake is for multiple individuals, and records regarding injuries and damages must be gathered, analyzed, and stored for each member of the plaintiff group. An efficient, organized mass tort case management software is key for ensuring an optimal outcome.

Manage your contacts with ease

You handle many plaintiffs and third-party contacts as a Mass Tort and Class Action attorney. Win more cases by creating and managing a database of your matter-related contacts with easily identifiable contact information.

  • Seamlessly capture the contact information of plaintiffs, leads, case adjusters, medical providers, courts, and any other necessary contacts.
  • Tag them in law firm communications that relate to them through emails, notes, events, negotiations, and additional case-related documentation.
  • Search contact information in various categories and reach them when you need to

Simplify client intake for your complex mass tort cases

Management of complex cases like Mass Tort or Class Action can be overwhelming when dealing with hundreds of injured individuals. CloudLex’s client intake management software allows you to focus on what matters most to enhance accountability while you collaborate with colleagues efficiently!

  • Get all the Mass Tort case-specific intake information you need; potential leads can easily fill out intuitive intake forms that ask questions relevant to their specific case from anywhere and on any device.
  • Consolidate plaintiff information, case info (like incident details, important dates, marketing details, etc.), documents, contacts, and intake-related events
  • Convert accepted intakes into a matter or refer to other firms with all information collected in a single click.
  • Intake dashboard reports and turns data into insights through our legal data analytics.
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Automate document management with software for class action/mass torts law

Document automation can help Mass Tort attorneys save a lot of time otherwise wasted on drafting contracts, referrals, and other necessary case-related documents. CloudLex’s in-built legal document management features save storage trouble and boost output with speedy retrieval of documents. 

  • Work on duplicate files remotely and collaboratively.
  • CloudLex is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 for Personal Injury law firms, which offers a consolidated method for creating letters, agreements, motions, pleadings, bills, invoices, and other legal documents.
  • CloudLex uses Microsoft’s robust and scalable legal cloud storage technology that guarantees the document is secure, convenient to access, and well-organized for sharing and editing in the future.
  • CloudLex provides lawyers with a seamless connection with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for easy accessibility.
  • Create, manage, and store all case files in one location with CloudLex; name, categorize and tag them for efficient search. It allows you to work together on documents with your coworkers and collaborate real-time so you always know which team members have updated the documents and know which is the latest document.