Legal Contact Management

Contact Management Made Easy for Personal Injury Law Firms

Keep everyone you interact with throughout a case in one place. Capture the contact information of plaintiffs, leads, case adjusters, medical providers, courts, and any other necessary contacts. Tag them in law firm communications that relate to them through emails, notes, events, negotiations, and additional case-related documentation.

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Manage contacts with ease

CloudLex® helps create and manage a database of your matter-related contacts with easily identifiable contact information. Search their contact information in various categories to identify key contacts and reach them when you need to.

Tag Contacts

Keep all communication in one place by tagging the contact and their related matter to your emails, notes, events, negotiations, etc. Tagging contacts allows you to easily see all related client intake, matters, and notes associated with specific contacts.


Track and manage contact information associated with insurance details, medical information, expenses, and other relevant paperwork. Maintain their interaction with the law firm as the case progresses.

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“I chose Cloudlex because it is a web based system that allows you to use it anywhere you can connect to the internet. The system is easy to use and required very little training. The staff is friendly and quick to respond to any questions that I have had over the past year. Great customer service.”

Patrick O’Hara

O’Hara Law Firm | Texas

What Is Contact Management Software?

Personal injury law firms typically have a large roster of contacts of varying types – clients, vendors, experts, doctors, insurers, medical providers, contract attorneys, etc. These contacts can overlap categories and some may be very similar to others. Given the opportunity for confusion, it is important that team members can quickly determine which contacts are appropriate for any given matter or issue. 

Legal contact management software helps you manage all your contacts. Each contact can be categorized and then sub-categorized (such as doctors with different specialties). These contacts can then be linked to matters as relevant – for example, the expert you chose for a specific matter, along with that client’s insurance company, treating doctors and so on. 

Is There Any Limit to the Number of Contacts I Can Store in CloudLex

No, there aren’t any limitations to the number of contacts you can add to CloudLex.

How Does Contact Management Work in CloudLex

CloudLex’s personal injury law firm case management software is here to make law firms work efficiently. Within the contact management application you can add multiple contacts, update as needed, and tag contacts to matters and intakes. You can also link up contacts from the insurance company in the insurance section of the matter and plaintiff contacts in the relevant section. You can also tag relevant contacts throughout various matter sections – such as emails, meetings, notes, negotiations, etc. 

You and your team members can also use integrations to seamlessly transport emails as notes under any specific matters avoiding any manual data entry. This helps your entire team stay updated on all the communication related to any contact and matter and on the same page as others.