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Slip and Fall Case Management

Master slip and fall litigation

When laymen think of personal injury lawyers, slip-and-fall cases often come immediately to mind. Little wonder: According to the National Fall Safety Institute, more than a million emergency room visits yearly result from slip and fall accidents. Attorneys representing slip and fall plaintiffs need to prove both negligence and liability on the part of the defendant.

Attorneys involved in slip and fall litigation must obtain medical files, witness documentation and other records to prove their case. They also must prove the damages that resulted from the accident, which might include medical bills and loss of income. Keeping a myriad of records secure and organized is vital for optimally representing clients and ensuring the law practice’s efficiency.

Slip and Fall

Law practice management software for the trip, slip and fall injury attorneys

Balance your law firm with matter management software designed for the unique needs of personal injury law practices. From medical bills and records tracking to negotiation tools, CloudLex gives you everything needed to optimize your law firm’s case outcomes.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Track data unique to personal injury matters like medical information, liens, bills and expenses. Track medical treatments and link to specific contacts and insurance information.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Automate redundant tasks with legal workflow automation software. Each firm member can automatically be assigned predefined tasks with specific due dates based on their roles and the matters they are assigned.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Stay on top of active matters and the number of stalled cases, along with the ability to view all cases in a specific stage, such as new case/pre-lit, investigation and discovery, including various stage sub-statuses, such as intake, investigation pending/verified, etc.

matter management software

Slip and Fall Case Management Software

Centralized documents, emails and calendars

Legal document management done right

As a slip-and-fall personal injury attorney, you spend a lot of your time obtaining medical records, witness documentation, medical bills and other records to prove the damages. Save hours using the best litigation document management software for personal injury attorneys in the legal industry.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Save, tag and organize important files in CloudLex, eliminating manual downloading and uploading. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows for easy editing and collaboration, leading to streamlined document management.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Use CloudLex’s AI-powered advanced search tool to find documents within seconds, enhancing productivity for law firms.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Securely send documents to clients for e-signatures with seamless integration with Adobe Sign or DocuSign for law firms. Seamlessly integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive for convenient 2-way sync.

legal document management software
legal calendar management

Email, legal calendaring and a lot more… everything is in one place.

Managing slip-and-fall injury cases is no easy feat, and CloudLex’s email and law firm calendar management features can take a load off your shoulders. Organize all your matter-related emails and events in one place and keep everyone in the loop with the best personal injury software.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Send, receive and tag emails to matters directly from CloudLex, with easy attachment of documents for streamlined email management.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Use CloudLex add-ins for Outlook and Gmail to tag matter-related emails to CloudLex effortlessly.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Avoid duplicate entries, stay organized and never miss important dates with CloudLex’s user-friendly and color-coded calendaring software. Access emails, calendars and critical milestones from anywhere with the mobile personal injury app.

Secure client communication

Use CloudLex to be the central point for all your law firm communication with colleagues, clients, professionals, etc. CloudLex has fully integrated law firm client communication management tools such as email, text messages and video conferencing that can help slip-and-fall injury attorneys manage communication and keep everyone up to date.

Simplified personal injury practice management

For secure document and image sharing, use Text & Chat in CloudLex to securely share vital files, automatically organized in a matter-specific manner.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Sync emails, events and contacts between CloudLex and Outlook through Microsoft 365 integration. Stay connected and never miss face-to-face conversations with CloudLex’s integration with Microsoft Teams.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Easily search for chats and attachments using advanced AI-powered search, and save attachments to specific folders and matters for efficient organization.

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