Product Liability Management Software

Taking on a product liability case entails proving (if you are representing the plaintiff) or refuting (on behalf of the defendant) that injuries or other damages resulted from a product’s design defects, defective or improper materials, negligent manufacturing, or marketing shortcomings such as improper warning labels or incorrect instructions. Whether the claim is made regarding pharmaceuticals, foods, appliances, or automobiles, extensive research and documentation are required. You will likely work with experts within a particular product sector—the manufacturing of frozen chicken differs significantly from that of electric blankets. In addition, you must obtain and maintain records of the injuries.

To ensure the optimal outcome in a product liability case, you need to communicate with all relevant parties efficiently and be able to access records easily, even while on the road. The same personal injury case management software that facilitates the above will also contribute to the efficiency and profitability of your practice overall.

Future-ready case management software for product liability

Product liability lawyers and litigation teams need extensive experience and resources to manage complex, consolidated, and large-volume tort issues related to high-exposure product liability litigation. Such legal tech resources help you streamline your PI practice, convert potential clients to ongoing matters faster, maximize efficiency, and improve client experience from anywhere.

Quickly capture leads and convert them to clients

As an attorney representing plaintiffs in a product liability case, it may often be that more people were injured or caused harm due to a product. In such a scenario, you would want to represent as many plaintiffs as possible. A robust client intake software would make it very easy for you to track everything from conversion rates to the most effective marketing campaigns, including:

  • Track and convert leads during the entire intake process.
  • Track leads from marketing campaigns.
  • See what campaigns give you the most qualified leads and conversions with detailed law firm reporting KPIs.

Get actionable insights to drive real action

CloudLex’s legal practice analytics dashboards let you track your prospects or leads and marketing campaign ROI with its robust Intake Dashboard, the client intake software prominently shows;

  • Quarterly/half-yearly/yearly views of Total Leads Added, Total Leads Accepted, Lead Conversion Rate, and Average Valuation (Accepted).
  • Graphical representation of New vs. Accepted Leads, Average Intake Valuation Accepted, Top Intake Type.
  • Powerful reporting with critical reports such as State and Venue Reports, Intake Campaign Reports, Intake Budget Reports, etc.

Powerful matter progress tools specifically built for product liability cases

With a single click, accept and convert leads/intake into a case/matter where you can assign matter-specific tasks and track progress through our legal matter management tools.

  • Create tasks basis task categories such as Case Intake – Open New Case File in the System or Create Notice of Intention to make a Claim or Create a Medical Record Request and Authorization.
  • Set up legal workflow automation with certain tasks, notes, and emails on New Product Liability Case Opening, Investigation, etc., based on the Date of Incident, Date of Intake, SOL, and Matter Created Date.
  • Seamlessly integrate with calendars like Outlook, Google, iCalendar, etc., to view firm-wide events across all cases, so you never miss a deadline.

Effectively manage time, collaboration, and communication

Because tort/product liability litigation can be time-consuming and costly, you will have to work closely with clients as efficiently as possible, potentially over many years. Utilizing legal document automation software alongside your colleagues anytime, anywhere, and on any device will save you time and help in effective collaboration required in Mass Tort/Product Liability type high exposure cases and keep everyone in the team on the same page.

  • With the robust integration with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 for law firms, CloudLex enables you to collaborate with staff, clients, and partners securely using its fully integrated video conferencing feature.
  • Reduce clutter with a one-place communication channel, “Sidebar,” that allows you to quickly complete a new task without losing focus on what you’re working on.

Manage demands and offers in one place

Plaintiffs’ product liability attorneys usually practice in small law firms and get paid through contingency fees. With a contingency agreement, the injury victim does not pay anything upfront, and the lawyer takes a percentage of any damages award or settlement. So, product liability law firms must have an accurate, meticulous, and easy-to-use personal injury settlement calculator:

  • Track your demands and offer detailed calculations for your attorneys’ fee recovery, client recovery, and even attorney referral fees for each offer or counteroffer received and/or accepted.
  • Automatically fetched expenses, medical bills, and lien amount for a matter while adding negotiations for each plaintiff
  • Quickly get a high-level view of the total settlement amount, paid amount, outstanding amount, settlement breakdown, plaintiff recovery, attorney recovery, etc.