Law Firm Client Communication

Manage Emails

Our fully integrated law firm e-mail management feature enables you to send and receive emails while working on your matters directly from CloudLex. Whether it is an important update, a reminder to a client, or a matter-related summary, you can send emails, tag them to matters, and attach documents all with ease. If you receive matter-related emails in Outlook or Gmail, tagging them to CloudLex is a breeze with our CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook app. Keep everyone in the loop, and never go searching your inbox for matter-related emails again.

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Internal Firm Conversation

Reduce email clutter by utilizing Text & Chat for all internal and matter-related conversations across the firm. Our Text & Chat feature is a discussion board-style communication system that allows you to tag matters or client intake, add comments and follow posts. Workplaces are becoming more collaborative, and so should you.

Client Messaging

Send text messages to/from clients without ever leaving CloudLex and by keeping your personal phone number private. Need your client to send you a document or picture? No problem, have them snap a picture and text it. Once you’re finished conversing, CloudLex will automatically organize it in a convenient and matter-specific manner—making your legal client communications easy to find later and ensuring it’s all in one place.

Falcon Law Firm, LLC

“I have been using CloudLex for three years. It is easy to use and very affordable. I looked at many other programs before I made my choice to use CloudLex. I found these other more expensive systems to have features that I knew neither my staff nor I would use. I also have been very happy with how responsive the staff at CloudLex have been in making changes to the system that were tailored to my firm’s needs.”

Patrick L. Falcon

Falcon Law Firm, LLC | New Jersey

Why should I use integrated email in case management software?

Integrating email into your personal injury case management software will significantly enhance efficiency and organization. Integrated email enables you to access and send emails from within a specific matter in the system, while simultaneously linking to your email provider. This allows information to automatically flow back and forth between your case management software and the email that your team and stakeholders use every day, such as Google Mail, Microsoft Outlook. 

Outgoing emails sent from a specific matter and incoming replies, will automatically show up within the matter records (as well as within your general email client). Now all communications for a matter can be easily found in a single place, along with all other matter information.

How can my Team use an internal communication system?

Using an internal communication system saves time and makes collaboration a breeze. Instead of checking case updates, creating and updating tasks, and replying to colleagues’ mentions or emails all in separate systems, you can accomplish all of these tasks from your inbox.

When you get a notification because someone @mentioned you, you can reply via the same thread, and the sender will be immediately notified. Your case management software will not only add your comment under the relevant matter but also @mention the person who triggered the initial notification so they’re instantly notified about your reply.

This enables you to maintain matter-specific discussions and keep track of the whole thread in your case management software.

While some people try to minimize the time they spend in their email inbox, for most teams email remains the primary business communication tool, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. That is why CloudLex integrates all your communication channels in one place, ensuring that important information doesn’t get lost and you can easily stay on top of your cases.

What is text messaging for law firms?

One of the most important things to personal injury law firms is communication and keeping clients updated on case progress. While juggling between administrative work, meetings, court hearings, and more, personal it is easy to let case progress updates slip through the cracks.

Text messaging helps alleviate that stress. With the click of a button, send reminders about court dates, schedule appointments, request/send documents, and more! Text messaging for law firms is a secure, fast, effective and reliable way to communicate with clients at all times. Not only does text messaging make communication efforts easier, but it is also often the easiest/fastest way to reach clients and keep progress moving on your cases! No more playing phone tag!

Another benefit of text messaging is helping your clients feel that all their questions and concerns are being addressed in a timely manner. With texting, clients feel that they have direct access to reach you, creating a stronger attorney-client relationship. Text messaging helps plaintiffs contribute to case progress in real-time, share insights, and ensure you have all the information and everything you need to win the case for your client.