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Expense Manager

Expense Management for Law Firms

Track, control and categorize expenses effortlessly with the Expense Manager. Don’t let expense management become a low priority. Gain complete control and insight while eliminating the drudgery of managing law firm expenses.

Sync with QuickBooks seamlessly

Expense Manager integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software, allowing the firm’s CFO or Finance Manager to review and push expense entries as desired and choose who has full access. Say goodbye to manual data entry and streamline your legal matter management system.

Keep track of law firm expenses

Easily track legal expenses for every matter. Team members record expenses, select which ones to add to Expense Manager and export them. Your finance team can manage all law firm expenses in one place, track and approve expenses, prioritize spending and improve cash flow.

Experience user-centric design, reduced manual data entry, improved coordination between team members and financial professionals, a secure personal injury case management software and happier staff. Say goodbye to double entry and paper-based processes.

Expense Manager

Effortless expense management

Embrace efficiency and delight your staff

Embrace the benefits of a paperless and secure cloud-based expense management system. CloudLex simplifies your payment request by notifying the accounting department and updating the payment status. So no more double entries and multiple email exchanges.

Application-level security

CloudLex’s Expense Manager simplifies expense tracking and control for personal injury firms. With application and user-level access control, it streamlines expense management while providing valuable insights and eliminating tedious tasks.

Stay on top of expenses

Comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling personal injury firms to track, analyze and manage expenses efficiently. Access detailed reports, gain valuable insights and make informed financial decisions, all within CloudLex.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Simplify, secure and strategize your expenses

Say goodbye to paper chaos and embrace secure, cloud-based expense tracking. We offer seamless payment status updates, stringent application-level security and comprehensive reporting for insightful financial decisions. Manage expenses, not hassles.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

I owe a good deal of the credit of my firm’s success to CloudLex

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

The software is VERY user-friendly and is specifically tailored for Plaintiff’s Personal Injury. The software has promoted efficiency that I did not realize was possible before implementing their software. The software layout is exactly how I would have designed it had I built the software myself. There is little, if anything I would change.

Christopher Campione

Campione Law, P.A. | Owner

Frequently asked questions

What is an Expense Manager?


Expense Manager is one of the most important applications that simplifies managing and tracking expenses within CloudLex and easily syncs them with QuickBooks.

Users simply have to select expenses they have tracked in respective matters and push them to the expense manager with a click. This application is controlled by access management, which means the firm’s managing partner can decide which CloudLex users in the firm will have access to the expense manager.

Do I need expense management software to serve my clients better?


One of the critical challenges faced by personal injury law firms is managing their expenses. With the increasing demand for legal services, bigger matters & settlement sizes, plaintiff personal injury law firms are under pressure to do more with less.

Clients are your firm’s most valuable assets and keeping them satisfied should be your top priority. Your firm’s personal injury case management software should help with that objective and allow you to gain insight into your clients’ minds.

Expense Manager allows managing partners and CFOs to manage all their law firm’s expenses in one place (track and process new requests, track what’s been paid vs. what’s outstanding). From the expense manager, users can record the expense, which will then be synced with QuickBooks, where they can make the payments.

Following are some of the value propositions that help personal injury law firms to serve their clients better:

Seamless integration with QuickBooks – The expense manager offers better control over expenses by letting users decide which expenses need to be pushed into QuickBooks for timely payments. That eliminates expense leakage.

Enable Growth – Law firms can prioritize and streamline spending by reducing expense leakages, which further improves the cash flow and means they can invest more $$ in the cases.

Increased efficiency – The expense manager is designed to reduce manual data entry with a user-centric experience.

Access Management – Subscribing managing partners of the firm can decide which users have access to the expense manager, like the firm’s Accountant, who then pushes the expenses to QuickBooks.

How does CloudLex’s expense manager work?


Expense Manager, with seamless integration with QuickBooks, helps law firms to keep track of expenses for every matter. Once subscribed from CloudLex’s Marketplace, legal teams can record the expenses by pushing them to the expense manager; they simply have to select expenses from respective matters and add them to the expense manager. FinOps can then push the records to the integrated QuickBooks account, where they can manage the payments.

Expense Manager allows Managing Partners and CFOs to manage all their firm’s expenses in one place to track and process new requests and track what’s been paid vs. what’s outstanding.

The expense manager application is controlled by access management, which means the firm’s managing partner can decide which users will have access to the expense manager.

Does CloudLex integrate with QuickBooks?


Yes, CloudLex’s Expense Manager integrates with QuickBooks. Users can easily push/export expenses tracked in the expense manager to QuickBooks with a click.

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