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Workers Compensation Case Management Software

Maximize compensation benefits for workers’

One of the main goals of a workers’ compensation attorney is to give their clients a better chance of obtaining the compensation benefits they deserve. Whether it is a claim for damages through the workers’ compensation system or filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit, you need to guide plaintiffs through the process of estimating damages, negotiating a settlement with the employer or filing suit if doing so is necessary.

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Capture and manage medical records

Medical records can be the most critical source of information in a personal injury case; therefore, their management is a key component of any law firm dealing in workers’ compensation cases, large or small. Obtaining, managing and analyzing medical records can be difficult for work injury law firms. This must be taken seriously because there may be consequences if you overlook any pertinent medical information. Fortunately, true legal technology can save the day.

Simplified personal injury practice management

CloudLex simplifies capturing and managing medical records from client intake to discovery, enhancing personal injury case management.

Simplified personal injury practice management

CloudLex’s specialized software includes built-in medical record retrieval, catering specifically to workers’ compensation cases.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Track and analyze medical record requests, treatment types, status, linked documents, service providers and physicians. Index and tag records for better deposition preparation, motions, discovery and medical case chronology.

personal injury medical record management

Streamlined workers’ comp case management

Workers’ comp management in one centralized location

From insurance details to medical records and employment notes, collect and keep track of it all with the help of the intuitive client intake forms provided by CloudLex’s client intake management software for workers’ comp law firms. It can then be converted into a Matter, transferring all the intake information, including incident details, with just a click of a button.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Capture incident, injury and medical treatment details, ensuring all relevant information is recorded accurately.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Document medical provider details and treatment received by the plaintiff, creating a structured database for each case. Utilize advanced search features to find specific documents on-the-go via CloudLex’s case management app quickly.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Tag documents and communications to related intakes or matters, establishing a centralized source of information. Link requested files to plaintiffs’ medical records for easy access.

Workers Comp Case Management
Workers' comp software

Efficient and intelligent document management is crucial

Workers’ compensation cases require a lot of templates and documents to deal with. The right workers’ comp document management software can help you organize your cases effectively and save you time, money and effort, in the long run, to keep track from beginning to end.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Easily access templates or create your own with CloudLex. Edit and save pre-designed templates, send them via email and add letterheads for personalized communication.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Store unlimited case files in the cloud, categorize and tag them for easy retrieval within CloudLex. Enjoy seamless integration with popular document management software for law firms like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Simplified personal injury practice management

Use CloudLex’s MS Word, PPT and Excel Add-ins to open, edit and save documents directly. Securely send documents for electronic signatures using Adobe Sign or DocuSign for law firms, saving them securely within CloudLex.

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