Workers Compensation Case Management Software

One of the main goals of a workers’ compensation attorney is to give their clients a better chance of obtaining the compensation benefits they deserve. Whether it is a claim for damages through the workers’ compensation system or filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit, you need to guide plaintiffs through the process of estimating damages, negotiating a settlement with the employer, or filing suit if doing so is necessary.

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Capture and manage medical records

Medical records can be the most critical source of information in a personal injury case, and their management is, therefore, a key component of any law firm dealing in workers’ compensation cases, large or small.

Obtaining, managing, and analyzing medical records can be difficult for work injury law firms. This must be taken seriously because there may be consequences if you overlook any pertinent medical information. Fortunately, true legal technology can save the day.

  • CloudLex’s modern personal injury case management software can assist you in capturing and managing medical records from intake to discovery.
  • Modern workers compensation management software comes with in-built medical record retrieval features, which may not be a part of generic case management software since they cater to many law practices and might not truly understand the nuances of specific practice areas like workers’ compensation.
  • Create and track medical record requests through a medical records retrieval feature.
  • Run medical request reports of all your matters to track and analyze; treatment types, status, linked documents, service providers, physicians, etc. So that everyone stays informed and follow-ups on track, helping you shorten turnaround time.
  • Index medical records and tag documents to their Intake or Matter, enabling attorneys to prepare better questions for depositions, filing motions, discovery, medical case chronology, etc.

Workers comp management in one centralized location

From insurance details to medical records and employment notes, collect and keep track of it all with the help of the intuitive client intake forms provided by CloudLex’s client intake management software for workers’ comp law firms. It can then be converted into a Matter, transferring all the intake information, including incident details, with just a click of a button.

  • Record all the relevant and necessary information about the incident, injury, and medical treatment.
  • Record the details of the medical provider and the type of treatment the plaintiff received.
  • Tag every document and communication to the related Intake or Matter, creating a single source of truth for your cases. 
  • Link document files you requested from service providers to each plaintiff’s medical record under the medical information details of a particular matter.
  • Access documents from anywhere, anytime using CloudLex’s easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS and android phones.
  • You can search through the pile of documents on-the-fly using the advanced search feature based on Artificial Intelligence.
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Efficient and intelligent document management is crucial

Workers’ compensation cases require a lot of templates and documents to deal with. The right workers comp document management software can help you organize your cases effectively and save you time, money, and effort, in the long run, to keep track from beginning to end.

  • With CloudLex, find the templates you need or create your own templates with ease. 
  • Pre-designed templates for medical request letters to doctors/hospitals, demand letters, letters of representation to plaintiff insurance, etc., can be opened on your local computer with a click. Edit it, add to your letterhead, save it in CloudLex, and send it to other parties using CloudLex’s email communication application.
  • Store unlimited case files in the cloud; name, categorize, and tag documents to their Intake or Matter to be easily found.
  • CloudLex for MS Word, PPT, and Excel Add-ins lets you open CloudLex documents directly on your computer, edit, and save them back in CloudLex without downloading and uploading documents multiple times.
  • Securely send documents from CloudLex to clients for electronic signatures, with just a click, by email using Adobe Sign or DocuSign for law firms, which saves securely in CloudLex.
  • Use your favorite legal document management software like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive with our practice management system. You can seamlessly integrate these tools with CloudLex and have a 2-way-sync for your documents.