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Data Privacy Certification for Lawyers

Navigating the Importance of Data Privacy Certification for Lawyers 

Data Privacy Certification for Lawyers

In the digital age, where personal information circulates freely but is also under constant threat, the importance of data privacy for personal injury lawyers cannot be overstated. Handling sensitive client information—ranging from medical records and financial documents to employment history and personal communications—personal injury lawyers bear the weighty responsibility of not only advocating for their … Read more

Maximize Clients: Traditional Ads and Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Ultimate Guide To Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Lawyer

In the competitive landscape of the U.S. legal market, personal injury lawyers face unique challenges in standing out amongst a sea of competitors. Effective advertising is not just necessary; it’s a critical strategy for survival and growth. While the digital age has opened new avenues for personal injury marketing, traditional local advertising mediums—such as billboards, … Read more

Unlock Efficiency & Security With Managed IT Services for Lawyers

Why Law Firms Should Go for Managed IT Services

In the intricate and high-stakes arena of plaintiff personal injury (PI) law, every decision and detail matters immensely. Lawyers dedicated to fighting for justice on behalf of their clients navigate through complex legal landscapes and emotional turmoil. Amidst these challenges, an often-overlooked yet significant battle is waged against inefficient and outdated technology. In today’s rapidly … Read more

Dominate Local Searches: Personal Injury Law Firm SEO Secrets

Local SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms

A 2019 study by Martindale-Avvo shows that up to 46.5% of potential customers conduct a Google search when deciding which law firm to hire. Even though people still value referrals from friends, family, and other attorneys, this research also shows that people seeking legal advice are increasingly turning to the internet for information while demanding … Read more

5 Ideas for Personal Injury Lawyers To Generate Blog Topics

5 ideas to generate blog topics

In the competitive world of personal injury law, standing out from the crowd can feel like sprinting uphill. While case management and client service are crucial, building a strong online presence is another key factor in attracting and engaging potential clients. This is where content marketing, particularly blogging, shines. Why Blog? The Benefits Speak for … Read more

What Is a Settlement Demand Package?

What Settlement Demand Package

If you’ve ever seen one of the many legal dramas on television, you probably think that lawyers spend all their time in court. In reality, 95% of all cases settle outside of the courtroom. That means that only 1 out of 20 cases see a courtroom. The settlement process, therefore, is a vital part of … Read more

Personal Injury Marketing Ideas to Hack Growth in 2024

Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2023 

To get qualified leads, you must invest heavily in personal injury marketing and personal injury lawyer advertising, because personal injury is an extremely competitive industry. In major cities, you can’t turn off the TV for 30 mins or walk down the street without seeing an ad for a personal injury lawyer. Personal Injury lawyers can’t … Read more

4 Benefits of Metadata in Legal Document Management 

Metadata in Legal Document Management

As a legal professional, you realize how important legal document management is to your practice. Documents are important evidence that help build timelines, outline damages, show causation and more. By keeping your documents organized in one central location, you reduce the risk of error while saving yourself and your client time and money.  Exactly how … Read more

Stay Gold: An Interview with Brian Cuban

Stay Gold: An Interview with Brian Cuban by Chad Sands

The following article was originally published in the Trial Lawyer’s Journal, Vol. I. To subscribe and access the complete 130+ pages of interviews, articles and more, visit for more information. A COKE-SNIFFING, cat-loving, suspected murderer, and mediocre personal injury attorney. Yes, this accurately describes Jason Feldman, the Mitch McDeere-like lead character in the novel The … Read more

Unlock Your Superpower: Tech Tools for Modern Lawyers in 2024

what tools do lawyers use

If the past few years of disruption have taught us anything, it’s that law practices need numerous digital tools and technological apps to continue to serve clients and grow their business from anywhere, at any time. Such tools can improve efficiency and help reduce costs for new law firms and established legal practices alike.    What … Read more

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