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Client Messenger

Transform client communication with Client Messenger

From secure texting to real-time updates, collaboration and seamless organization, Client Messenger streamlines personal injury attorneys’ interactions with clients, ensuring exceptional service and efficiency.

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Client Messenger

Client Messenger

Elevate client engagement through Client Messenger

Update clients in real-time

Make informed decisions with ease

Protect your privacy, separate personal and work life

Eliminate the need to share your personal mobile number. Send and receive text messages with 2-Way text within CloudLex using a unique dedicated phone number for your law firm, ensuring your personal and work life remain separate.

Digitize your client intake process

Security and confidentiality ensured

Our secure software enables matter-specific texting, allowing you to send and receive full-text messages and share documents, pictures, PDFs and videos. All your law firm communications are confidential and encrypted. With easy retrieval of information in CloudLex’s HIPAA-compliant server.

Gain valuable insights with powerful analytics

Foster collaboration with all stakeholders

Foster collaboration by staying connected with everyone involved in your personal injury practice. From plaintiffs and colleagues to doctors and insurance adjusters, Client Messenger keeps you in contact with all the key players, facilitating effective collaboration and communication.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Enhance communication, collaboration and privacy

Revolutionize law firm communications of your personal injury firm. With a dedicated phone number, your personal and work life stay separate. Enjoy secure, confidential messaging, document sharing and a secure HIPAA-compliant server. Stay connected with all stakeholders for seamless collaboration.

Client Messenger

Instant messaging and hassle-free client communication

Simplify client communication







Keep clients updated and informed

Keep clients informed and engaged by instantly updating them on case statuses, upcoming events and court documents. With complete transparency, your personal injury firm provides exceptional customer service and ensures that clients have the latest information.

Quick and hassle-free messaging

Text messaging is the fastest and easiest way to keep clients informed and engaged. Experience quick and hassle-free messaging with Client Messenger. Provide a personal touch to your client interactions, and set yourself apart from the competition — while keeping your cell number private.

Anytime, anywhere messaging to stay connected

Access Client Messenger to text and communicate with clients and contacts instantly, no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the office, in court or working remotely, CloudLex keeps you connected with your clients and contacts.

Stay organized with efficient logging and tagging

Keep your communication organized and efficient. Log text conversations, tag them to specific matters and reduce repetitive emails and phone calls. CloudLex’s Client Messenger ensures your staff stays informed, and you can easily reference and retrieve key information when needed.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

Way to scale and organize a personal injury practice.

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

The best thing is I can speak with real people at CloudLex for support. Feedback is always appreciated and implemented; this software is always improving. CloudLex helped our staff work remotely.

Laura Rosenberg

Rosenberg and Rodriguez, PLLC | Managing Attorney

Frequently asked questions

What is text messaging for law firms?


One of the most important things to personal injury clients is communication and keeping clients updated on case progress. With a busy schedule juggling between administrative work, meetings, court hearings, and more, personal injury lawyers have a lot on their plates. It is easy to let case progress updates slip through the cracks.

Text messaging helps alleviate that stress. With the click of a button, send reminders about court dates, schedule appointments, request/send documents, and more! Text messaging for law firms is a secure, fast, and reliable way to effectively communicate with clients at all times. Not only does text messaging make communication efforts easier, it is often the easiest/fastest way to reach clients and keep progress moving on your cases! With texting, phone tag games will cease.

Another benefit of text messaging is helping your clients feel that all their questions and concerns are being addressed in a timely manner. With texting, clients feel that they have direct access to be able to reach you, creating a stronger client relationship. Text messaging helps plaintiffs contribute to case progress in real-time, share insights, and ensure you have all the information and everything you need to win the case for your client.

Why should I use text messaging at a law firm?


Text messaging provides a multitude of benefits for your law firm and your clients.

Constant Communication without Breach of Privacy
Worried about all your clients having your number? Text messaging applications such as our legal client communications software mask your real number with a dedicated client-only number for texting, keeping your personal phone number and privacy intact.

Efficient Communication
Lawyers have a variety of tasks on their plate at once. Completing tasks on time is a priority. Create more efficiency in task completion through text messaging. Reaching clients directly via text saves you time you might otherwise have spent leaving voicemails, emailing, or playing phone tag. Keep progress moving on your cases!

Communication on the Record
CloudLex’s client communication feature enables each text to be linked to specific subjects and contacts (clients, vendors, partners, experts, etc). Every text sent within the app is automatically logged, sorted, and stored. The stored conversations are also accessible by any staff with access permissions, allowing reviews of case progress and updates to clients to happen at any time.

Work smarter, not harder! Text messaging is on the go, meaning you can reach clients using your law firm matter management software anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

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