iOS and Android Legal Case Management App

Practice Personal Injury Where You Are

Stay up-to-date, manage cases, client intakes, documents, calendars, and collaborate with co-workers from any location.

iOS and Android Apps

Stay on top of your matters

With our iOS and Android mobile apps, you can keep track of all your matters while on the move. Real-time notifications help you stay informed of your current, upcoming, and overdue deadlines.

Access matter information with ease

Don’t let critical information slip through the cracks while you’re out of the office. Search, filter, and review matter information such as documents, notes, contacts, tasks, and events on the app.

Stay ahead of schedule

With our legal calendar software, you spend less time planning and more time doing. Search, add, and assign calendar events directly from your mobile device.

Get work done remotely

With CloudLex, you aren’t chained to your desk. Access tasks, documents, contacts, notes, and more regardless of where you are.

Simplify Task Management on the go

Stay on top of task progress. Create and assign tasks to staff that sync in real-time across the web, phone, or whatever device you are using.

Manage documents from anywhere

You don’t need a computer for legal document management and access your documents. Browse or search for matter documents using keywords from your mobile. Then create, edit, and upload documents for your team across locations and devices.

Make your mobile take notes

With our iOS and Android legal tech apps, you can dictate notes with greater accuracy using the built-in voice-to-text feature, which means no more struggling to write down notes when you’re moving around.

Angela Bobbit

“We were so glad to have CloudLex as opposed to a premise-based case management system.”

In March, most of our team moved to a remote work environment as our state shut down due to the spread of Covid-19. We were so glad to have CloudLex as opposed to a premise-based case management system. Having our contacts, documents and case information in the cloud enables us to find things quickly and easily even when we are not in the office. We knew switching to CloudLex in 2018 was the right decision and this year has only reconfirmed that decision.

Angela Bobbit

Office Manager | Parker Law Firm | Texas