Digital Archiver

Cloud Storage for PI Law Firms

Digital Archiver stores all closed matter data (notes, calendar entries, tasks, documents, timelines, user information, etc.) on a HIPAA-complaint, secure system with the click of a button.

Extensive archive

Store everything related to your closed cases from legal matter management software in the cloud (including digital correspondence, task assignments, photos, videos, and user data). There’s plenty of room for your business to grow as well: the cloud easily expands to meet your needs, offering unlimited storage space for seven years.

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Quick retrieval, zero fees

Retrieve archived matters in a fully searchable format in a matter of minutes when you’re done, re-archive it with the click of a button without leaving your office. Free up valuable employee time previously needed to store documents at no additional fees.

Save 75% over traditional physical storage

Discard all of the hassle and nearly all physical storage. Client file storage can cost law firms tens of thousands of dollars per year. With many states requiring storage for seven years, the per-file costs add up quickly. Instead, invest that money in your cases to fuel growth.

  • Advanced AI-enabled search capabilities
  • Fully integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for lawyers
  • Zero retrieval fees

Ethically compliant with comprehensive security

Built with the Rules of Professional Conduct in mind, Digital Archiver mitigates risks, is ethically compliant, increases efficiency, and enables full digitization, creating immediate improvements and an even brighter future.


With CloudLex’s Digital Archiver, your files are stored on HIPAA-compliant secure legal software hosted by Microsoft. That means your files are subject to industry-leading security and around-the-clock monitoring of potential risks. They’re in the safest pair of hands in the industry. And since your files are in the cloud and not in the filing cabinet, they’re no longer prone to disasters like fire, flood, or coffee spills.

Disaster proof

The resilient nature of the cloud means that your archived files are disaster-proof and protected from manufactured or natural disasters.

Paper-light, eco-friendly

In addition to being fully compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Digital Archiver virtually eliminates the need for Bankers Boxes and Redwelds. CloudLex lets your firm go “paper-light,” reducing your impact on the environment while cutting expenses and freeing up space for additional staff.

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“CloudLex allows everybody to work remotely and everybody can see what everybody else is doing.”

We can tell (believe it or not which is important) how long somebody has been actually working on a particular task, so you can find out and you can see how much people are working based on how long they’ve logged into the system.

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