Secure Cloud-Based Legal Platform

Security you can trust to provide you peace of mind. CloudLex is hosted on Microsoft ® Azure, with 24/7/365 active security monitoring, 256-bit encryption, and SSL. Azure holds ISO/IEC 27001:2005; HIPAA/HITECH; IRS; American Institute of CPAs; and numerous other compliance certifications.

Application Level Security

OWASP, the authority on software security, has put together a list of the “Top 10 Application Security Risks”. It includes terms like “insecure deserialization” and “cross-site scripting.” CloudLex® addresses all ten risks for you while adhering to OWASP’s stringent security standards.


Cloud Security

CloudLex is hosted on the Microsoft® Azure cloud, an industry leader that has invested billions in developing expertise, security infrastructure, disaster recovery contingencies, data backup plans, Geo-Redundancy, and holds compliance certificates from around the world—operated out of completely secured data centers that are monitored 24/7/365. Microsoft’s data centers are HIPAA/HITECH certified, ISO certified, and have received numerous other industry-specific security certifications.

Access Controls

CloudLex allows you to limit access to certain information—which limits the possibility of the breach—through role-based access controls. Using roles and users to define permissions ensures a consistent security posture across multiple employees and prevents individuals from slowly accumulating access beyond what’s needed to perform their duties successfully.

Angelicque Moreno

“CloudLex has brought our law firm into the 21st century! I am able to run my practice from anywhere. My staff finds CloudLex easy to use and intuitive, while the customer service and support are second to none. Above all else, CloudLex has become a trusted partner in managing, securing and growing my practice.”

Angelicque Moreno

Avanzino and Moreno, PC | New York