Social Security Disability Case Management Software

Social Security Disability (SSD) attorneys help those who have a substantial work history and have paid sufficiently into the SSDI system but have sustained an injury or illness that makes them unable to work due to disability prior to retirement age.
CloudLex is the ultimate social security disability case management software that makes it easy to manage your SSD cases. Its advanced features and intuitive user interface allow you to streamline your law practice and maximize efficiency.

SSD case management

SSD Intake

Everything you need in one place

CloudLex keeps all your data in one place, from tracking initial client intake to charting progress and reporting outcomes. With our web-based and mobile-based applications, you can access all of your data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

  • Save and organize documents like medical reports, health summaries, final bills, etc., and collaborate on them with your colleagues from anywhere and anytime.
  • Create and upload documents to their respective Intake or Matter folders, categories, and sub-categories.
  • Link all documents and other information with the respective Contacts to see them all at once without spending time searching for them.
  • Get all the intake details you need; potential intakes can easily fill out intuitive intake forms that ask questions relevant to their specific case from anywhere and on any device.
  • Intake and Matter dashboards through our legal data analytics report and turns data into insights.

Save time with automation

CloudLex automates time-consuming tasks such as documentation gathering and tracking progress on case activities. This automation speeds up the process of handling SSD cases, allowing you to focus on providing better service to your clients.

  • At every stage of your case, create legal workflow automation for tasks and events so that you don’t have to create repetitive tasks, helping you reduce errors and save time.
  • Your staff will receive notifications and reminders, and you’ll have an overview of all outstanding tasks and deadlines.
  • Monitor firm and individuals on their tasks completion, criticality, progress, etc., simply by viewing, printing, or downloading advanced task reports for Intakes and Matters.
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Stay connected

Keep your team informed with real-time notifications and communication tools. We keep everything in one place so you can stay connected with clients, stakeholders, and colleagues when managing your SSD cases.

  • Get real-time notifications on every action your team and you make or need to make at a centralized location.
  • Send text messages to/from clients, create matter-specific groups with a dedicated contact number without ever leaving CloudLex, and by keeping your personal phone number private.
  • Seamlessly integrate CloudLex with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Gmail and have a centralized law firm email management system. Send and receive emails to clients from within CloudLex.
  • Have internal Intake or Matter-related conversations across internal stakeholders, share information and files, and always stay on the same page.

Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of security when it comes to managing sensitive information related to SSD cases. That’s why we have implemented industry-leading security protocols to ensure your and your client’s privacy.

  • CloudLex comes with the security you can trust, Microsoft ® Azure, with 24/7/365 active security monitoring, 256-bit encryption, and SSL.
  • It allows you to limit access to certain information to your law firm users using our Access Management feature, limiting the possibility of breach.
  • Comes with HIPAA compliance and application-level security for your peace of mind.
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