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Personal Injury Case Management Software

The only software you need to run your personal injury practice

CloudLex partners with plaintiff personal injury law firms and provides them with the cutting-edge technology, actionable insights and expertise to build, manage and grow their practice.

“It’s like the iPhone of practice management software.”

Daniel Schneiderman

Gingery Hammer and Schneiderman LLP | Partner

Build your Personal Injury law firm of the future
Daniel Schneiderman
Build your Personal Injury law firm of the future

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CloudLex Caseflow

Smooth caseflow with CloudLex

CloudLex provides a comprehensive suite of applications and features to support every stage of intake, pre-litigation, trial and more.

Seamless caseflow with CloudLex

Case management built for Personal Injury attorneys

matter management software

Matter Management Software

All your cases in one place.

Take control of your cases with Matter Manager, the nerve center of your practice for case-related documents, media files, updates and more. Quickly view important dates, access documents and key contacts and efficiently guide your personal injury matters from intake through closure and beyond.

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client intake software

Client Intake Software

Maximize your law firm’s growth

Our intuitive intake forms and advanced API connectors ensure you’ll easily capture important information, eliminate back-and-forth with clients and never miss potential leads or revenue. Collect all of your client, case and medical information, then with one click you can convert everything into a matter.

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legal document management software

Automate and manage documents like never before

Name, categorize, tag, edit, share and find documents in seconds with AI-driven search technology. Automatically merge contacts and generate documents in seconds. Share, work and collaborate alongside your colleagues on documents from anywhere using CloudLex’s co-authoring feature.

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Microsoft 365 for attorneys

Microsoft 365 for Attorneys

Empower your practice with our seamless MS 365 integration

Edit and share MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right from CloudLex. Any updates are reflected immediately across all platforms and devices, ensuring your Outlook calendars, emails and contacts are effortlessly synced so members of your team always have the most up-to-date versions of files.

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Personal Injury settlement calculator

Settlement Calculator

Stay on top of your settlements

Manage demands and track offers for single and even multiple plaintiffs in a personal injury case. Calculate attorneys’ fees and client recovery for every offer or counteroffer received and accepted for each plaintiff, and get firm-wide settlement reports so that you can maximize your settlements.

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Case management software built for injury attorneys



Pre-Litigation made easy


Streamline pre-litigation tasks with powerful tools and features

Streamline pre-litigation and unlock unprecedented efficiency

Effortlessly manage pre-litigation activities like client intake, investigations, lawsuit filing and more with CloudLex’s intuitive, automated and easy-to-use tools and features.

  • Shareable client intake forms simplify the intake process and get all the case details, injury checklists and medical records.
  • Automatically generate legal document templates so you reduce errors and save time.
  • Convert accepted intakes into a matter with a single click of a button, with all consolidated plaintiff info, documents, contacts, tasks, events and more.


Litigation done right


Organize and manage every aspects of your case

Organize and manage every aspect of the Personal Injury litigation process

CloudLex’s powerful personal injury case management software helps you stay organized and manage all aspects of your case, including organizing evidence and medical records, calendaring, filing deadlines, document production, settlement negotiation and more.

  • Gather, organize, store and track evidence, medical records and other data in a HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • Generate document templates such as medical record requests, HIPAA authorizations and more to improve work efficiency.
  • All your emails and calendars are in one place with a color-coded layout that lets you view and manage your matter-related critical milestones with ease.


Automate your discovery


Simplify the discovery process

Simplify and automate the discovery process

CloudLex’s robust law firm client communication, with its fully integrated tools, such as email, secure text messaging and video conferencing, helps personal injury law firms save time and money throughout the discovery process.

  • Access, send and sync emails from Gmail and Outlook. Securely send text messages to clients without ever leaving CloudLex while keeping your phone number private. Create User Groups and have unique phone numbers per group to segregate communication.
  • Generate document templates such as discovery requests, motions, pleadings, etc., to speed up your case progress.
  • Create and manage tasks such as ‘create discovery motions,’ or ‘respond to interrogatories,’ etc., using our easy-to-use legal workflow automation software.


Be trial ready, all the time


Effortless trial preparation with CloudLex

Effortless trial preparation on a single platform

With CloudLex, you can prepare for trial with confidence. With our advanced search capabilities and customizable filters, you can easily find specific documents needed for a motion or trial in seconds.

  • Search through folders of documents on-the-fly using the Advanced AI Search feature driven by artificial intelligence for law firms.
  • Access case details at any time, anywhere and on any device with our legal app and present evidence, photographs or footage wherever you are.
  • Generate document templates such as Subpoenas, Witness/Exhibit Lists and more so the documentation is already prepared for your team when deadlines are tight.


Settle your settlements


Manage all your demands and offers in one place

Manage all your demands and offers in one place

With CloudLex, attorneys can manage all their demands and offers in one place. Track offers, payment requests and expenses for each plaintiff. 

  • Negotiate an optimal outcome for your clients while maximizing your firm’s efficiency with our robust personal injury settlement calculator.
  • Track your demands and offer calculations for your attorneys’ fee recovery, client recovery and even attorney referral fees. Quickly view the total settlement amount, paid amount, outstanding amount, etc.
  • Gone are the days of painstakingly drafting closing statements, disbursement sheets and settlement documents. With CloudLex’s document automation, generating all these documents and more is completed in a fraction of the time.

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“Helped our growing law firm become more efficient”

– David Krangle

Alonso Krangle, LLP | Managing Partner

By far the best-case management software out there. It is so easy and simple to use. The customer service is second to none. They deal with any issues and answer any questions right away. Being web-based is such a plus. CloudLex has been a game-changer for our firm.

CloudLex is like the Apple iPhone of practice management software
CloudLex is like the Apple iPhone of practice management software

“CloudLex is like the Apple iPhone of practice management software”

Dan Schneiderman

Gingery Hammer and Schneiderman LLP | Partner

We made the switch to CloudLex, and it was just an awesome decision. Fully integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, the Digital Archiver uses advanced AI-enabled search for added efficiency. It also tracks contingency fees, mitigating the need for manual inputting.

“I owe a good deal of the credit of my firm’s success to CloudLex”

– Christopher Campione

Campione Law, P.A. | Senior Partner, Owner

The software is VERY user-friendly and is specifically tailored for Plaintiff’s Personal Injury. The software has promoted efficiency that I did not realize was possible before implementing their software. The software layout is exactly how I would have designed it had I built the software myself.

Angelicque Moreno - CloudLex Client Story
Angelicque Moreno - CloudLex Client Story

“Easy to access remotely, allowing us to maximize productivity.”

Angélicque M. Moreno

Avanzino and Moreno, PC | Partner

CloudLex has brought our firm into the 21st Century! I am able to run my practice from anywhere. My staff finds CloudLex easy to use and intuitive, while the customer service and support are second to none. Above all else, CloudLex has become a trusted partner in managing, securing and growing my practice.

“Makes you productive and organized”

– Wendy S. Bornstein

Bornstein Legal LLC | Owner

CloudLex has a place for all data you will need to successfully manage your cases which you can then use for documents, deadlines, and more. You can keep the files organized so that it is easy to access information. It is easy to learn and use and has everything we need.

“CloudLex has increased our firm’s efficiency and ability to draft, share and maintain files”

– Mark Ryan

Chapa Law Group, P.C. | Associate Attorney

The extensions and plugins that CloudLex has with Microsoft Office products are great! You can upload the newest draft or document to CloudLex directly from your Word document, and you can send emails in Outlook that will be saved in CloudLex. It is a fantastic platform to manage your case from start to finish!

“We’re able to handle about 40% more cases than our previous software”

– Michael B. Cohan

Cohan Law, PLLC | Personal Injury Attorney

Easily able to organize information and run reports to manage your law firm in an efficient and effective manner. Highly recommended for managing partners and attorneys looking to organize and grow their practice. CloudLex is light years beyond other software that we used.

Great with calendaring events, reminders, and tracking expenses
Great with calendaring events, reminders, and tracking expenses

“Great with calendaring events, reminders, and tracking expenses”

Joseph Stampone

Stampone Law, PC | Owner/Attorney

We have become primarily “paper-free” with the ability to upload all documents in a case for easy access to all. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. Migration from an old case management system was seamless and done during off-business hours with no interruption in business.

“Easy to access remotely, allowing us to maximize the productivity.”

Angélicque M. Moreno

Avanzino and Moreno, PC | Partner

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