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The Only Legal CloudTM Built Exclusively For Plaintiff Trial Lawyers.
Are You On It?

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"CloudLex has brought our Law Firm into the 21st century! I am able to run my practice from anywhere. My staff finds CloudLex easy to use and intuitive, while the customer service and support are second to none. Above all else, CloudLex has become a trusted partner in managing, securing and growing my practice."

Angelicque Moreno
Avanzino and Moreno, PC

We Understand Trial Lawyers

CloudLexTM intimately understands litigation and the needs of trial lawyers. CloudLexTM is designed by experienced attorneys, industry professionals and expert engineers, with significant experience mapping, managing and processing litigation matters. Prominent law firms in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut participated in our pilot program. Their insights are reflected in the design.

CloudLexTM has its origins in Lexvia, Inc., one of the largest litigation support services firms. Led by experienced attorneys, Lexvia provides comprehensive paralegal support, and information and case management services to law firms across the country. Each year, Lexvia brings efficient project management techniques to tens of thousands of civil litigation cases, processes hundreds of thousands of legal pleadings and analyzes millions of legal documents.

Each day, more and more law firms are choosing CloudLexTM to efficiently manage matters, significantly increase capacity and revolutionize their practices.

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Focused, Functional and Flexible

CloudLexTM focuses on the most important and relevant functionalities, creating a practice-focused, frustration-free experience.

As a trial lawyer, you need a scaleable method of efficiently managing matters. You need a highly specialized Legal CloudTM built for trial lawyers. Old school self-hosted systems were not designed for today’s modern, nimble firm. They require significant investment and infrastructure, migration, integration, training, expensive support, etc. Their archaic designs overwhelm with endless tabs, forms and data fields, making matter management a burdensome dreary chore. Hybrid case management systems are no better. They are the same legacy systems that cause you so much frustration – with the added hindrance of slow VPN and remote desktop connections. “Modern” solutions are generic. Their “one size fits all” approach makes it impossible for a specialized firm to use them effectively. Did you know that up to 60% of the features in a typical case management system are rarely used?

Secure, Robust & Reliable

CloudLexTM runs on Microsoft Azure, a secure, robust and reliable, HIPAA-certified cloud managed and operated by Microsoft.

Physical proximity of your infrastructure may give you a false sense of security. However, it does not guarantee you protection from natural disasters, hackers, viruses, spamware, malware and ransomware. In fact, your data security may not even be compliant with legal industry standards. Most legacy or hosted systems are not run in sophisticated datacenters. They are not managed or monitored by security experts 24/7/365. If you are using a legacy or hosted system, ask your service provider if they are compliant. CloudLexTM is a Microsoft BizSpark Partner and runs on Microsoft Azure. Azure runs in state of the art Microsoft-owned datacenters. It’s managed, monitored and administered by Microsoft Cloud Operations staff 24/7/365. All of your data is secured by 256-bit encryption, SSL, with 99.95% availability at these HIPAA and ISO compliant datacenters.
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Economical, Efficient & Effective

CloudLexTM is a totally new, user-friendly Legal CloudTM that offers you significant cost savings over any legacy and hosted/hybrid system.

A typical “on-premises” case management system requires you to run an internal “mini-datacenter” involving Servers, Operating Systems, Databases, IT Support, Installation, Hosting, Networking and all the pain and suffering that comes along with it. Additionally, you need annual maintenance contracts, regular upgrades, security patches and backups. You are constantly pushed to keep up with the pace of ever changing technology. Legacy and hybrid/hosted systems will cost a typical litigation firm tens of thousands of dollars upfront and thousands of dollars thereafter annually!

Versatile, Intuitive & Cutting Edge Design

Take control of your firm with intuitive, user-friendly, 21st century technology.

“Post”, “like”, “tweet”, “text”, “swipe”. Today’s workforce is comprised of professionals who grew up with the Internet and mobile technologies. At home they use cloud-based services for music, entertainment, news and more. Their entire world is at their fingertips and always accessible, no matter where they are. However, at work they are forced to use ancient systems. In today’s market, a competitive firm must be agile. Your team must operate effectively and efficiently to meet client demands. By adopting the most innovative technology, you get the best of everything – happy, effective, efficient employees; an organization that is always on top of things; and clients who sing your praises. CloudLexTM is built on sophisticated “anytime, anywhere, any-screen” technology that makes it compatible with your PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone. We are a Microsoft BizSpark partner, running on Microsoft Azure.
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Personal Injury Case Management Software

Proactive Matter Management

Case Management Firm Level Calendaring

Firm Level Calendaring

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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

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Conflict Checks

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Firm-Wide Task Allocation & Tracking

Why CloudLexTM?

Designed by Trial Lawyers
  • Exclusively for plaintiff trial lawyers
  • Rockstar technology team
  • Approved by prominent trial lawyers
Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • No lengthy training session required
  • No complicated user manual
  • Master the system in minutes
All Inclusive and Supported
  • Easily expand as your firm grows
  • Support you can rely on
  • All-inclusive feature upgrades

From Solos To National Firms, Everyone Is On CloudLexTM

Want To Schedule A Quick Demo?

If you are ready to grow your practice, increase client satisfaction and decrease your staff’s stress levels, then schedule a quick demo to learn more about CloudLexTM! Our sales team – many of whom are licensed attorneys – would love to speak with you about the Legal CloudTM and show you how it can revolutionize your practice. Remote demos are flexible and easy to setup, allowing you to learn about CloudLexTM from home, the office or your favorite café. In-person demos at your office may also be available. Click below to schedule your demo now!