Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim could result from a vehicle accident, medical negligence, an accidental overdose, or a workplace accident, among other incidents. Regardless of the circumstances, when representing the deceased’s survivors, you want to ensure they receive maximum monetary compensation not only for lost income and funeral expenses but also for sorrow and mental anguish. 

Statutes of limitations require that attorneys be efficient when researching and obtaining documentation for their litigation. An intuitive, HIPAA-compliant practice management system that simplifies document management, calendaring, and communications are key to serving clients effectively and efficiently.

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Managing documents is the key to winning wrongful death claims

To build a strong wrongful death lawsuit, you will need to submit substantial evidence and various documents related to your damages, including receipts, invoices, estimates, billing statements, also statements and documents from the opposition to support plaintiffs’ claims.
The right legal document management software can help you organize your cases effectively and save you time, money, and effort, in the long run, to keep track from beginning to end.

  • Cloud-based legal document management software enables attorneys to store unlimited case files in the cloud.
  • Name, categorize, and tag an client intake or a Matter, and label case files so they can be easily found anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
  • Pre-designed templates for demand letters, letters of representation to plaintiff insurance, medical request letters to doctors/hospitals, etc., can be downloaded to your local computer with a click. Edit it, add to your letterhead, reupload it in CloudLex, and send it to other parties using CloudLex email communication.
  • Upload existing documents directly to the software, either one by one or in bulk.
  • Edit, upload, make comments on and share documents with your team members quickly and easily.
  • Store and archive your documents in HIPAA-compliant legal case management software with the backing of Microsoft Azure, and retrieve an archived case with a click of a button, all without leaving your office.
  • Create and send documents to clients for electronic signatures by email using Adobe Sign or DocuSign for law firms.
  • Use your favorite document management tools like OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive in tandem with our practice management system, as you can seamlessly integrate these tools with CloudLex and have a 2-way-sync for your documents.

The plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers must build a strong case in cases associated with a wrongful death claim. All this is timebound due to the statute of limitations. You can do all this and much more with the help of robust law task management software for cases related to wrongful death claims.

  • Automatically schedule limitation dates and other important events with a date countdown so that fee earners are always aware of the timescale for issuing proceedings on the client’s behalf. Or when working on discovery, you can assign tasks to your team that can include:
    • Open a new case file in the system
    • Create opening package (retainer, representation, demand/claim documents)
    • Create medical record requests and authorizations
    • Request medical records, ems/ambulance report/call sheet, etc.
  • With case management software, the managing partner should be able to see tasks across the firm broken down by assignee, priority level, progress, and any obstacles.
  • Create legal workflow automation for tasks and events through every stage of your case, reduce errors, and save time for solving more critical problems.
legal task management software
legal communication management software

Manage communication and keep everyone up to date

An important aspect of any wrongful death case for a plaintiffs’ lawyer is effective and efficient communication with all the parties, and the only thing that can resolve this efficiently is a fully integrated communication method.

  • With CloudLex, send your emails and texts to clients without having to leave the platform.
  • All client communication is saved in the case folder and includes any emails or texts anyone else on your team sends.
  • With SMS and MMS, you can ask your client to share vital documents or images of multiple file types from anywhere; CloudLex will automatically organize it in a convenient and matter-specific manner.
  • Have internal and matter-related conversations across the firm, and tag your internal chats to a particular matter or a client intake; for more collaboration.
  • With Microsoft 365 integration in legal software with CloudLex, your Outlook emails, events, and contacts will automatically sync with CloudLex.

Expenses and settlements are managed like never before

There are many time-consuming stages in wrongful death litigation, and making a claim for damages and demanding a monetary settlement is one of them.

CloudLex can help you manage the case from intake to settlement and beyond. It has a robust legal expense management system supported by an injury settlement calculator.

Expense Management

  • Team members can record an expense for a wrongful death claim in a specific matter, which is critical for personal injury firms; for example,
    • Hospital bills
    • Funeral expenses
    • Income loss
    • Future income loss
    • The victim’s suffering before death
    • Loss of companionship or loss of consortium, etc.
  • Push the selected expenses to the Expense Manager, where your finance team can track expenditures by matter, see newly added expenses and requests for payment, etc., all in one place.

Settlement Calculator

  • Track your demands and offer calculations for your attorneys’ fee recovery, client recovery, and even attorney referral fees for each offer or counteroffer received and/or accepted.
  • Automatically fetch expenses, medical bills, and lien amount for a matter while adding negotiations for each plaintiff.
  • Quickly get a high-level view of the total settlement amount, paid amount, outstanding amount, settlement breakdown, plaintiff recovery, attorney recovery, etc.