Medical Malpractice Law Software

Failure to diagnose correctly or in a timely manner, unnecessary surgery, improper prescription of medication, premature discharge, and inadequate aftercare are just a few common instances of medical malpractice. When representing a plaintiff in a medical malpractice suit, as a personal injury attorney, you need to amass and maintain extensive documentation within a strict timeline.

Protecting your client in a MedMal case requires centralized medical malpractice law software that enables you to organize and easily access vital records in a HIPAA-compliant manner while also ensuring that you meet critical deadlines — all as you juggle myriad other cases.

Managing deadlines is the key to winning medical malpractice cases

Any medical malpractice case involves vast amounts of medical information, documents,  records, and dates. And all this information is needed at various stages of a case lifecycle. Thus capturing and maintaining all this is critical to the success of winning a medical malpractice case.

  • Organize your client intakes and matters with a detailed combination of Types such as Medical Malpractice, Subtypes like Assisted Living Facility, Bed Sore/Pressure Ulcer, Birth Trauma/HEI, Nursing Home, Wrongful Death, etc., and categories like Breast Cancer, Burns, Heart attack, etc., to manage your case better.
  • Track your Civil MedMal case by the status like New Case/Pre-lit, Litigation, Discovery, Trial, Motion, Arbitration, Settled, Closed, etc., and sub-status like, Intake, All Medical Record Request Sent, All Medical Records Received, Investigation pending, Demand Ready / Drafted / Submitted, etc.
  • Capture Matter Summary, Negligence-Liability Description, Plaintiff Bodily Injury Info, Medical info (like Physician name, Treatment type, Service Provider, start & end date of service, etc.,) Medical Bills with associated party details, insurance info (like, insurance type, insured party/provider, adjuster name, coverage dates, policy limits, policy/claim numbers, etc.,), etc.

As a malpractice attorney, it is important that you keep track of documents required, client conversations, and law firm task management; you can do all of this and much more with the help of robust task management software for malpractice attorneys. Schedule limitation dates and other important events with a date countdown; you can assign tasks to your team that can include:

  • Respond to Interrogatories/Bill of Particulars/Discovery Demands
  • Notice to Admit/Request for Admission
  • Request for Preliminary Conference, Judicial Intervention, etc.
  • Comply with Discovery Court Orders
  • Review and Summarize Confirmation of Settlement Offer from Defendant
  • Summarize Medical Records
  • Create Treatment/Event Timelines and Chronological Medical Summaries
  • Create Doctor Affidavits and Affirmations
  • Mark (the Answers on) the S&C

Medical malpractice software to organize case documents like never before

What features are available in medical practice management software?Most medical malpractice cases rely on medical records and related documents as irrefutable evidence to prove the claim that medical malpractice took place. This documentation of evidence is critical to successful litigation, so it requires a robust, efficient, modern, and HIPAA-certified legal document management system.

  • Securely store and access matter files such as medical records, health records, prescription drug history, insurance, invoices, and more.
  • Open documents and images, or stream audio and video files, directly in your browser from one centralized platform.
  • Easily edit and manage PDF documents with important features like adding or highlighting text, inserting signatures or images, and advanced formatting.
  • Store, track, retrieve, and execute e-signatures with Adobe or DocuSign for law firms, and organize medical records for your medical malpractice cases in the Medical Record Requests documents category in the respective matter.
  • Create custom MedMal workflows that automate repetitive tasks and events at various medical negligence case stages.     

Manage MedMal communication and keep everyone up to date

Whether it is an important update or reminder to a client, following up for records from medical providers, insurance agencies, etc., PI firms need to stay organized, and communication records need to be associated with respective medical malpractice matters. With CloudLex, you and your team can communicate with clients, defendants, medical and insurance providers, and internal firm users as well all from a single platform

  • Send and receive emails while working on Medical Negligence cases directly from CloudLex, Outlook, or Gmail. Save entire email threads to the Matter without b’ccing or having to re-link future email responses.
  • Send text messages to/from clients without ever leaving CloudLex and by keeping your personal phone number private.
  • Reduce email clutter by using internal chat to communicate with your team to follow up on tasks related to medical analysis, discovery, medical record retrieval, etc.