Personal Injury Law Software

Getting clients, preparing for cases, tracking down witnesses, obtaining medical records, assessing damages, negotiating with insurers and lien holders, deposing third-party experts: as a personal injury attorney, you and your team do all this and more.

To add to this, a personal injury law firm handles various categories of cases, e.g. auto accidents, medical malpractices, product liability, wrongful death, etc. Each category of cases need speicial focus, detailing, and processes. Thus personal injury law firms need a robust personal injury case management software that minimizes the time you spend maintaining and organizing records so that you can maximize the time you have fighting for your clients.

personal injury law software

Simplified personal injury practice management

Take control of your case management process from the initial client intake all the way to settlement negotiations to trials and beyond.

  • Get all the intake information you need, such as date, location, description of the incident, etc., and never lose out on potential clients or revenue.
  • Built-in automated tasks and event workflows and an intuitive communication platform ensure  PI attorneys never miss a critical deadline.
  • With the help of legal intake software and legal matter reporting dashboards, see cases from start to finish, all while managing negotiations, costs, and more.

Personal injury caseload management at a glance

A robust case management software for a personal injury attorney allows you to stay on top of their matter progress and help their clients with several cases they are managing.

  • Stay on top of active matters and the number of stalled cases, along with the ability to view all cases in a specific stage, such as new case/pre-lit, investigation, and discovery, including various stage sub-statuses, such as intake, investigation pending/verified, etc.
  • Have handy timelines along with other case management features that enable you to significantly decrease the case processing time and enhance your firm’s legal matter management capabilities.

Monitor individual cases throughout the litigation progress

The individual matter overview page features an intuitive and prominently displayed timeline. This allows PI attorneys to easily determine exactly how many days a personal injury case has spent in each individual status (including the current status) and the total number of days the matter has been open, as well as:

  • Store and view all the case-related details like Intake details, negligence liability, medical information, etc., consolidated in a single place.
  • Categorize matter-related documents in various default and custom folders and categories, which can be accessed while working on an individual case or from the global document section.

Manage tasks and events, add automated workflows and communicate easily in one central location

By embracing the right cloud-based case management software, PI attorneys can be more organized, efficient, streamlined, and improved communicators. Most importantly, PI attorneys and legal professionals can access their firms’ documents, emails, calendars, contacts, and more from anywhere, on any device.

  • Create tasks and assign them to all or selected users. These are a few of the many tasks that can be created:
    • Indexing, Labeling, and Linking of Daily Mail.
    • Update/Maintain Calendar, Set Reminders.
    • Open New Case File in the System.
    • Create Notice of Intention to Make Claim.
  • Add events like arbitration, court appearance, court order deadline, deposition, discovery end date, hearing, mediation, etc., and assign them to all or selected staff.
  • Convert the event to a virtual meeting in a click with robust Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Create a custom personal injury workflow that automates repetitive tasks and events at various trial case litigation stages, such as:
    • Preliminary investigation.
    • Filing the lawsuit.
    • Discovery.

Consolidated case details, expenses, medical records, and other documents

No more scrambling for documents to present to the judge (or jury) at the last minute. No more frantically searching through dozens of banker boxes containing hundreds of pieces of paper. Manage all the case-related data in one place and have this information front and center for easy access.

  • Separate categories allow PI attorneys and staff to organize all medical information in an intuitive manner.
  •  Advanced legal document search based on artificial intelligence to deep search your queries to quickly find a document.
  • Editing PDFs and sending PDFs for e-signatures and tracking statuses is a breeze now.

Intuitive law firm calendaring and email management for PI lawyers

Personal injury and trial attorneys need a robust system with seamlessly integrated calendaring and communication tools.  Integrate your email management tools like Outlook, Gmail, and legal calendar systems with CloudLex to have a master view of emails, calendars, and individual attorney “personal” events.

  • View events across all the cases, and the entire firm will be on the same page all the time and coordinate better.
  • Keep track of statute of limitations dates for your cases (especially if across different states).
legal calendar management