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Microsoft 365 for Law Firms

Microsoft 365 integration

Streamline case management and enhance collaboration

The integration of Microsoft 365 with CloudLex simplifies case management, streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration for personal injury lawyers. Optimize productivity, securely manage case-related information and provide unparalleled service to clients.

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Microsoft 365 for Attorneys

Microsoft 365 for law firms

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

Make informed decisions with ease

Efficient email, contacts and calendar management

Experience the most secure and easiest way to manage emails, contacts and calendars. Once implemented, your Outlook emails and contacts will automatically sync with CloudLex, and any event added to your legal calendaring software in CloudLex will auto-sync to your Microsoft 365 Calendar.

Digitize your client intake process

Matter-centric collaboration

Combine our matter-centric approach with Microsoft 365 collaboration tools for seamless collaboration on matter-specific documents. Foster teamwork, enhance productivity and make quick decisions within a focused environment.

Gain valuable insights with powerful analytics

Simplified document management

Our integration with Microsoft 365 allows you to upload, edit and share documents seamlessly. No dedicated software is required. Create, manage and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly within CloudLex, while having the ability to generate and edit templates effortlessly.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Streamline email, contacts and calendars efficiently

Sync Outlook seamlessly with CloudLex, enabling efficient communication. Enjoy automatic syncing of events between CloudLex and Microsoft 365 Calendar for enhanced productivity. Experience hassle-free 2-way sync and add comments for better collaboration.

Microsoft 365 for law firms

Continue to use Microsoft 365 seamlessly



Data security


On the go


Streamline document and template management

Say goodbye to document and template management challenges. CloudLex allows attorneys and their staff to create Microsoft Word documents directly within the platform, save them using keyboard shortcuts and generate and edit templates effortlessly. Simplify the law firm document management process and save time for more important tasks.

Robust data security

Benefit from CloudLex’s HIPAA compliance and Microsoft 365 suite’s active security monitoring, ensuring firm-wide data security. Trust in the protection of sensitive client information and maintain confidentiality. Rest easy knowing that your firm-wide data is protected.

Real-time co-authoring

Collaborate with your team using Microsoft Office Online® even under tight deadlines. Simultaneously edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, track changes and enhance transparency. Know who is viewing your files in real time for better collaboration.

Access anywhere, anytime, on any screen

Access case updates, documents and calendars from anywhere, at any time and on any screen. Stay updated and make modifications using CloudLex from any location with internet access. Changes are instantly reflected across all team members’ devices.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

I would highly recommend CloudLex for Personal Injury firms.

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

I like that CloudLex is specifically tailored for Plaintiff firms. It is very user-friendly, which makes training employees a lot easier. Tracking productivity on a case.”

Raelina Brown

Sutten Law Group, LLC. | Office Manager

Frequently asked questions

What is Microsoft 365, and how does it help a personal injury law firm better manage its practice?


Microsoft 365 (earlier known as “Office 365”) is now more than just office apps. It provides your law firm with the following apps and services:

Microsoft Teams provides group chat and collaboration.

Microsoft Word allows you to create, view, edit and collaborate on documents.

Microsoft Excel allows you to create and view spreadsheets, charts, and tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create presentations, from project plans to legal plans to meeting agendas.

Outlook is a versatile tool; it helps you send, receive, and manage email, along with managing your contact database and calendar, which can be shared and accessible across your law firm.

OneNote is a tool to create, store and manage case notes, legal research, and miscellaneous information that doesn’t fit well anywhere else, firm-wide, team-wide, or even case-specific.

OneDrive will replace your on-premise file server and serves as a single, central file system for your entire firm.

Other important apps included in Microsoft 365 that serve as the backbone for everyone in your law practice are – Exchange, Groups, Skype for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, To-Do, Planner, Yammer, and Microsoft Forms.

How secure are cloud solutions like Microsoft 365 for law firms?


It is every law firm’s commitment and responsibility to keep their legal and client data secure. As compared to the old, on-premise/server-based systems, cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365 certainly offer more for data security and secure cloud based legal software.

According to the American Bar Association :

“Modern encryption has progressed to the point where it is unbreakable. Cloud companies understand that their reputations for protecting customer information are crucial. A single security breach would cost them dearly. Your client information is more secure stored on a reputable, professionally managed cloud server than on your office computers.”

With Microsoft 365, you get world-class cloud infrastructure and security.

How does Microsoft 365 integrated with CloudLex benefit your law firm?


In present times, when personal injury law firms are moving away from on-premise server-based systems and moving to cloud-based personal injury case management software, Microsoft Office 365, in particular, is the one common name that every lawyer and law firm staff knows about and uses.

And as you all, in your legal profession, have used this in one or many ways, you probably know why Microsoft Office 365  is essential to a firm’s daily operations for law firms. Gone are the days of managing legal practices with paper files and inefficient processes; they have been replaced with more collaborative, secured, well-managed, and encrypted document management tools like OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook , Office 365 Calendar, Microsoft Teams, and many other Microsoft suites of business tools.

But, you need to make the most of your Office 365 tools by molding them to make them more matter centric so they can help you simplify your legal matter management process; that is where CloudLex comes in. By seamlessly integrating CloudLex and Microsoft Office 365 , you can mold Microsoft 365 in the way your law firm works—so you can better manage contacts, calendars, law firm communications, and more.

Once you integrate CloudLex with your Microsoft 365 suite, any event added to your calendar in CloudLex will auto-sync to your Office 365 Calendar, Outlook emails and contacts will automatically sync with CloudLex, and your email groups created in Outlook can be used while sending a group email through CloudLex.

In addition, whenever you send an email through CloudLex, it will reflect your Outlook email address as the sender, not the CloudLex-generated email id.

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