Motor Vehicle Accidents

Organize MVA Cases Better

Obtaining, organizing, and storing evidence for motor vehicle accidents (MVA) is only part of what you do as a personal injury lawyer. You also have to track and securely maintain relevant medical information in a HIPAA-compliant manner, along with records of other types of damage. And you need to do all this while communicating with insurance adjusters and any lien holders.

Gathering, archiving, and accessing records and other data, of course, can eat up valuable hours. To negotiate an optimal outcome for your clients while maximizing your firm’s efficiency, you need a centralized system that keeps all the vital documentation and communications in one secure place that you can easily access from just about anywhere.

legal intake management software

Streamline your MVA client intake

Share detailed MVA client intake forms with potential clients who can fill out personal, accident, and insurance details from any device. Capture information about the incident, injuries, medical treatments, damages, insurance, prior claims, lawsuits, judgments, and more.

Combined with matter management software, you can easily migrate an accepted intake into a new or existing matter in one click. Seamlessly transfer all the accident-related information collected during the client intake process, saving you time and avoiding potential errors by staff.

  • Create contact records for the plaintiff, witnesses, adjusters, and medical providers and securely upload and store photos and videos of damaged vehicles, property, and accident locations through our in-built, HIPAA-certified chat and text/MMS features.
  • Organize your intakes with a detailed combination of Types, Subtypes and Categories like MVA-1 car, MVA-18-wheeler, MVA-Right Angle, MVA-Rear end, MVA Hit and Run, etc., to manage your case better.

Take control of your MVA cases with the Matter Manager

Intuitive personal injury case management software helps you stay on top of your Motor Vehicle Accident matters with seamless Intake to Matter migration and smart contact management. When managing a medical service provider in CloudLex, they become a Contact under the Medical Bills section, and contact details like “Service start & end date,” “Bill amount,” “Total adjustment,” and the “Outstanding Amount” all get linked and saved to the matter.

  • Migrate multiple intakes with just a click to a single motor vehicle accident matter in Matter Manager. Migrating intakes to the matter will take all accident-related details like accident media, injury details, insurance provider, insurance type, policy limit, police report details, etc.
  • All information gets linked to respective contacts, for example, “Plaintiff Details,” “Educational Information,” “Employment” details, “Medical Details,” and “Intake Details,” such as client details, injuries, police reports, incident reports, insurance details, etc.

Manage your calendar and appointments with ease

Schedule your accident cases using the law firm calendar system explicitly designed for motor vehicle accident matters. Sync multiple calendars to get a bird’s-eye view in one place and continue using the programs you are already using with our seamless and powerful partnership with Microsoft 365.

  • This one legal calendar displays all events related to car accident cases in a single monthly/weekly/daily view, which you can access on the go.
  • Manage your motor vehicle accident matter-related critical milestones like the basis of the “Statute of Limitations,” “Date of Incident,” “No-Fault Deadlines,” “Notice of Claim Deadlines,” “EBT/Deposition Dates,” and any other important events.

Powerful case management software built for MVA

Securely communicate with clients via email or text without giving away your cell phone. HIPAA secure law firm client communication, text messaging, and document collaboration centralize your firm and staff around the same information.

  • Save and organize documents like repair estimates, final bills, and medical records from medical providers, and collaborate on them from anywhere and anytime.
  • Create accident witness statements and upload documents to their respective case folders, categories, and sub-categories intake and matter-wise.