document management

Document Management

Stop lugging around Bankers Boxes and store all your case files securely in the cloud with our modern document management features. With our doc management features, you can quickly find the records you need anywhere for increased efficiency.

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uber for attorneys

Uber for CloudLex

Book uber for attorneys and automate expense tracking

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calendar management tools

Calendar Management

Stay on top of deadlines and away from malpractice complaints with our crucial calendar management features. With our calendaring features, you can increase your firm’s productivity, organization, and accountability, while decreasing your worries.

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PI calculator

Settlement Calculator

Manage all the demands and offers in one place for single and even multiple plaintiffs in a personal injury case. Track offers, payment requests, and expenses for each injury type. Our Settlement Calculator intuitively shows attorney and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer.

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workflows for attorneys


Establish your winning process by creating a custom personal injury workflow that automates repetitive tasks and events in the various stages of your matters and case intakes.

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communication management tools

Communication Management

With the Client Messaging feature, you can efficiently communicate with your clients and contacts via text messages from the convenience of CloudLex. Use our fully integrated email and sidebar feature, which works similarly to a discussion board, to communicate with your colleagues. No more switching from one platform to another, copying documents across, or trying to explain what exactly you want a colleague to look at – you can manage everything from inside CloudLex!

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reports and dashboards

Reports and Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard let’s you view your firm’s trend in new case openings, case closings, and referrals over the last 3, 6, or 12 months. Plus, you can see the total number of open personal injury cases, along with a breakdown of the number of open cases in each phase of litigation. Our extensive reports give you matter or personal injury practice-related data at a macro and micro level.

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advanced ai

Cognitive search is the next generation of enterprise search driven by artificial intelligence to get the most accurate results from your documents, matters, intakes, tasks, notes, and everything else stored in CloudLex, in seconds.

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contact management tools

Contact Management

Manage, tag, and track contact information easily with our Contact Management feature. From insurance details to medical records to expenses and more, this feature makes it simple! You can follow interactions between the external contacts and your law firm as the case progresses.

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task management tools

Task Management

Turn your to-do list into a to-done list with our critical task management features. With our task management features, you can stay on top of case deadlines, assign (or reassign) important projects, hold your team accountable, and increase your firm’s efficiency.

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e-sig tools


Seamless integration of DocuSign and Adobe Sign with CloudLex provides a convenient and simple way to securely get signatures for your case documents via email and SMS. Enjoy more flexibility to get documents signed with great features, like sending, signing, storing, and tracking signature processes in real-time, anywhere, and on any device.

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iOS and Android Apps

iOS/Android Mobile Apps

The CloudLex apps give you freedom, with easy access to the essential applications while on the move. Search, filter, and review your personal injury case information such as documents, notes, contacts, tasks, and events direct from your cell. Add notes, medical info, tasks, and contacts right from the app, making your life easier and more mobile!

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CloudLex is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the industry leader in security infrastructure, disaster recovery contingencies, data backup plans, and geo-redundancy (multiple mirror locations). In addition to holding compliance certificates from around the world. This platform is operated out of completely secured data centers that are monitored 24/7/365.

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Expense management for law firms

Expense Manager

Expense Manager enables seamless coordination between your entire staff and your bookkeeper, CFO, Accountant, etc. As already explained, any team member with legal expenses to record enters those expenses in the relevant matter or client intake and then pushes them to the Expense Manager. Your bookkeeper or CFO reviews, approves, pays, etc., and pushes the expenses to QuickBooks. 

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