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Increase Access to Documents

Wouldn’t it be nice if your air mattress was always in the first closet you checked? Well with CloudLex’s 2-Way Sync, your documents are always where you need them; our Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive integrations let you upload a document to matter folders on your favorite apps and they’ll seamlessly show up in CloudLex (and vice versa)—giving you more access to your docs and an added layer of protection from potential disruptions.

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Edit Across Platforms

Drafting documents can be tedious so there’s no reason you should have to do it multiple times. With CloudLex’s Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive integrations, you don’t have to—our 2-Way Sync allows you to make changes to documents on CloudLex or your favorite apps and those changes will instantly be reflected on both platforms.

Keep Your Dates Straight

Nowhere is an up-to-date calendar more vital than the legal world; a single missed deadline can disrupt the entire outcome of your litigation. Accordingly, CloudLex automatically syncs your events, tasks, and appointments with your favorite legal calendaring tool, like Outlook, and Google Calendar. Simply create or edit an event in one system and it will magically appear in the other.

Make Signatures Quick and Easy

Stop waiting on faulty scanners, out-of-ink printers, and away-from-their-desk clients—our integration with e-signature solution DocuSign allows you to grab your urgently needed signatures effortlessly. Securely send your case and intake documents to contacts from within CloudLex and your contacts can add their legally binding e-signature from any device in seconds—once signed, you can access your completed docs under their respective CloudLex matters.

Plaintiff personal injury law solutions built specifically for you

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Intake Manager

Establish an efficient intake process for your personal injury law firm and clients

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Matter Manager

State-of-the-art case management software designed exclusively for personal injury law

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Client Messenger

Streamline your client communication to move cases forward

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Microsoft Office

Reimagine productivity with seamless Microsoft Office Online integration

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Digital Archiver

Cloud storage for paperless law firms with digital archive access for the future

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Referral Engine

Grow your personal injury practice on a secure platform and exclusive network

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Keep all your documents organized with CloudLex’s seamless Microsoft Word integration

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App Integrator

Connect the best legal tech apps with CloudLex to build your complete LegalCloud®

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“From either my computer or phone, I could manage my practice with a sense of confidence and relief with the help of CloudLex”

On March 17, 2020 we rushed out of our office like it was on fire. The next morning, I logged into my CloudLex account from my kitchen table and realized my clients’ cases would not be affected in the slightest. Every bit of information I would need for the next 4 months working from home was literally at my fingertips.

Adam Handler

Partner | Pollack, Pollack, Issac and DeCiccio, LLP | New York

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