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Closing Letter for a Personal Injury Case

Questions to Ask During a Legal Cloud Software Demo

case management software demo

Introduction In the fast-paced world of personal injury law, the right personal injury law case management software can make all the difference. According to the American Bar Association Journal, with the necessary law office technology in place, you can streamline your law practice and simplify your firm’s processes, saving both time and money. But that’s … Read more

Redundancy Planning for Personal Injury Legal Software

redundancy planning for legal software

In the world of personal injury law, legal software is more than  a convenience — it’s an essential tool to keep your practice running smoothly and securely. It keeps the gears of your practice turning, ensuring easy access to client files and efficient management of your cases. . However, unforeseen situations can arise that might … Read more

How a Law Firm Client Portal Can Help You Excel in Client Service

client portal for law firms

A client portal can bring numerous benefits to personal injury law firms, enhancing client satisfaction, streamlining internal processes, improving organization and collaboration among team members, providing secure law firm communication channels, and contributing to client retention and referral generation. One of the main advantages of a client portal is its convenience to potential clients. A … Read more

5 Mistakes To Avoid in Legal Accounting 

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Legal Accounting

Owning and operating a Personal Injury practice can be immensely fulfilling, but it also takes lots of work. When deadlines pile up, saving specific accounting tasks for later can be tempting. But doing so creates bad habits and can lead to ethical issues. Here are five mistakes to avoid in law firm accounting.  CloudLex understands the … Read more

6 Ways to Improve Personal Injury Law Firm Client Communications 

6 Ways to Improve Personal Injury Law Firm Client Communications 

How your firm effectively communicates with your clients can significantly impact their experience and perception of your firm. According to the American Bar Association, communication issues are one of the most common complaints among clients about their attorneys. Improving how you communicate with clients can help you get and maintain happier paying clients at your personal … Read more

Why Should Personal Injury Firms Use Microsoft 365?

CloudLex MS 365 Integrations

Microsoft 365 is a powerful, cost-effective solution for personal injury law firms to stay nimble and grow with confidence, while benefiting from Microsoft’s trusted cloud applications. Leveraging the power of MS 365 for small law firms’ various purposes enables them to streamline their legal processes and improve productivity as well as efficiency. In fact, we … Read more

Tips for Implementing Litigation Case Management Software

Tips for implementing litigation case management software

The only thing worse than not employing a case management system at your personal injury firm is mishandling the implementation of the program. Implementing your law firm’s new legal case intake software typically entails altering a few of your team’s routines, so it is important for everyone on the team to be trained in the … Read more

How to Approach Your Hesitant Partners About Transitioning to Legal Software

How to Approach Your Hesitant Partners About Transitioning to Legal Software

For many legal professionals, the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call. In a profession dominated mainly by pen, paper, and in-person court, relatively few imagined logging into Zoom court from their home, the breakroom, or the parking lot. Two years later, however, Zoom court is commonplace and a blessing for many. … Read more

Utilization Tips for PI Attorneys

Utilization Tips for PI Attorneys

Approximately 97.9 million individuals visited the emergency room for unintentional injuries in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) most recent report. With tens of millions of Americans visiting the emergency room each year, personal injury attorneys can quickly become overrun with cases and stressors. Without a proper plan to leverage technology and … Read more