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How to Organize Medical Records in Personal Injury Law Firms

Six Tips for Legal Teams Retrieving Medical Records 

Six tips to medical record retrieval

As part of a personal injury legal team, your job is to present a zealous case on behalf of your client. This largely involves building an airtight case in your client’s favor that is backed up by strong evidence. To build a successful case, medical records are often necessary. These records are essential evidence to … Read more

How To Hire IT Support for Law Firms 

How to Hire IT Support for your PI Firm

As the American Bar Association reports, cybersecurity and cyber awareness are more important than ever due to the increasing prevalence of threats to law firms. One step to accomplish this is to hire IT support for a Personal Injury law firm. Law firms routinely handle sensitive client data, so finding the right fit for your law firm … Read more

How to Write a Motion for Court?

How to Write a Motion for Court

A court motion is a formal appeal for a judge to take legal action in a case under your control. They are requests you submit to the judge to make a particular legal ruling, like a motion to dismiss a case or a motion to discover information from your adversary. Court motions help trial attorneys … Read more

8 Law Firm Reports You Need to Turbo-Charge Your Legal Practice

8 Law Firm Reports You Need to Turbo-Charge Your Legal Practice

Personal Injury lawyers spend their days juggling everything from managing team activities to conducting client meetings to staying on top of critical deadlines. Finding the time to analyze in between the daily tasks and caseload is a challenge. The old-school approach is no longer sufficient. There’s not enough insight. Studies show failing to adapt to … Read more

LinkedIn for Lawyers: 10 Tips for Profiles, Promotion, and Posting

LinkedIn for Lawyers

The most popular social network for business networking is LinkedIn, which has over 722 million users globally. According to the American Bar Association Websites & Marketing Survey, 76% of law firms use LinkedIn. A significant online presence on LinkedIn is advantageous for any lawyer who wants to gain new clients and establish themselves as an … Read more

Is Your Personal Injury Practice up to Date?

Is Your Personal Injury Practice up to Date?

Do you use old technology in your personal life? For example, is your cell phone or computer more than five years old or even more than 3 years old? The answer is almost certainly “no. Why? Because the technology that old is obsolete. Unfortunately, despite keeping up with technology on the personal side, many personal … Read more