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Email Management for Law Firms

CloudLex with Gmail and Outlook

Streamlining case communication and collaboration

Improve your legal email management with CloudLex and unlock enhanced productivity, collaboration and organization. Keep your team members on top of case-specific communication while simplifying your workflow.

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Email Management

Email management for law firms

Efficient email management made easy

Make informed decisions with ease

Save emails as notes

Upload matter-related important emails to CloudLex directly from Gmail or Outlook. Save your emails as notes, categorize and tag specific matters, group related email conversations into threads, and easily follow the chronological flow of law firm communication.

Digitize your client intake process

Keep everyone on the same page

Share case-specific communications with the entire team. Save emails directly from Gmail and Outlook, ensuring real-time updates and transparency in case progress, ensuring all team members have access and keeping everyone on the same page.

Gain valuable insights with powerful analytics

Instantly save client or matter-related emails as email records within matter management software. Easily search for matters using keywords and save emails as notes in the appropriate category that helps in easy retrieval.

Convenient and tech-savvy client experience

Highlight important emails

With our integrations with Gmail or Outlook, CloudLex identifies case-related emails and highlights them with an exclamation mark, advising you to note them in CloudLex, ensuring important information is not missed.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Integrate Gmail and Outlook

Add CloudLex directly into your email interface (Gmail or Outlook) to upload emails and attachments. Streamline your workflow, save time and increase collaboration and efficiency by keeping all essential case information within one platform.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

Allows everybody to work remotely

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

So, let’s say we had an accident case – Defendant would say, hey, we want discovery, medical records, photos of injury, police report, etc., so we don’t have problem with that either, somebody login to the system, get all these documents, then forward it on to the defendant’s office remotely through email from within CloudLex. And, everybody can see what everybody else is doing.

David Lesch

Lesch & Lesch | Trial Attorney

Frequently asked questions

How does CloudLex connect with the outlook client on my desktop?


CloudLex uses a proprietary Outlook connector plugin to establish a secure connection with your Outlook email client. Before you can use the connector for Outlook, you must install the connector and login with your CloudLex credentials.

Does my Outlook or the CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook connector need to be open on my desktop in order for the connector to save emails as notes?


Yes, you need to have Outlook or the plugin open for CloudLex to save an email as a note. You need to search for the matter through keywords such as name, index number, or SSN, then save emails as a note in the specific matter’s email category.

How secure is the connector?


All communication between the plugin and the CloudLex servers are done over HTTPS, one of the most widely used security protocols for secure communication over the internet. The HTTPS security token will be used to establish a secure connection between the connector and CloudLex.

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