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Intake Manager is a client intake software for personal injury law firms that drives growth by streamlining your client intake process. Our secure cloud-based client intake software helps you convert potential clients to ongoing matters faster, maximizes efficiency, and improves client experience from anywhere.

Simplify your client intake process

Our state-of-the-art client intake software guides you through the whole intake process. Get all the intake information you need and never lose out on potential clients or revenue.

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Never miss a lead

Eliminate spreadsheets, paper, and manual data entry. Intake Manager guides you through a foolproof intake process, gathering everything you need from contact information to case details, and to injury checklists. Automate tasks, set up calendar reminders, and create events accessible to all team members with real-time updates.

Convert intakes to cases faster

Consolidate plaintiff information, documents, contacts, and intake-related events. If the case is accepted, convert it into an ongoing matter and transfer all data into CloudLex’s matter management software with a click of a button. Alternatively, refer out to other firms with a single click.

Share intuitive intake forms

Potential leads can easily fill-out intuitive intake forms that ask questions relevant to their specific case. Clients can complete these forms anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Our intelligent client intake forms allow you to create consistent, mistake-free intake processes with critical information about potential clients.

  • Populate case info with intake forms
  • Share and capture intake info remotely

Translate intake data into strategies that work

Intake dashboard reports and turns data into insights through our legal data analytics.

Track your leads and ROI

CloudLex provides your law firm with the tools to track and convert leads during the entire intake process. Track leads from marketing campaigns and see what campaigns give you the most qualified leads, conversions, and maximum ROI.

Powerful reporting

The data collected by your intake team can help you make strategic business decisions. Our reports help law firms track everything from conversion rates to the most effective marketing campaigns.

Increase revenue

Intake Manager offers a consistent, repeatable, and streamlined client intake process. You can see which marketing efforts lead to tangible results, helping you spend your marketing budget prudently and maximize your profits.

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“I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have CloudLex.”

Our paralegals and attorneys had all cliI have been able to settle so many cases over the past few months because I have access to everything from home.

I was preparing for a mediation I had the next morning and if it wasn’t for CloudLex I would have had to go to and be in my office until 3 am.

Patrick Bisogno

Managing Partner | Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP | New York

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Personal Injury Intake Software FAQs

A personal injury firm needs to gather a lot of information before it decides whether it can commit its resources and accept a case.

Thus a legal client-intake is a robust process of collecting detailed case information from prospects in order to correctly qualify leads and accept them as cases. During this process, law firms may run conflict checks and provide an initial consultation to prospective clients. At the end of this intake process, the law firm may accept or decline representation to the client.

CloudLex helps you manage client intake processes efficiently and effectively by ensuring that you don’t miss out on important case details which could lead to unnecessary follow-ups with prospective clients or worse, incorrect decision of whether to accept or reject a case.

Its intake management software is built for personal injury law firms to manage the entire client intake process.

It is also seamlessly integrated with its legal case management system so if you have accepted intake, you can then convert your intake into cases with just a click of a button transferring all the intake information including documents, tasks, events, medical records, expenses etc into matter manager.

How do client intake workflows work?

With CloudLex’s Intake Manager, your law office can become more efficient in handling new intakes, and improve client experience. It provides you with powerful tools and features that can run the intake process smoothly.

We have to accept the fact that everyone hates repetitive tasks. They seem as a drudgery, are error-prone, and frustrating for the team, but here is where legal workflows automation can help. You can automate these/such mundane and repetitive tasks thus improving efficiency, streamlining approvals, and reducing errors throughout the case lifecycle.

For example, every time you qualify an intake, you need to send intake forms to the client to fill in. Intake workflows can help you assign tasks automatically to a paralegal to collect case information using intake forms. Forms can be shared through email and help you capture case information that would have been impossible using paper-based forms.

Once the case information is collected, if you want to send the fee agreement to the client to sign, a workflow can assign tasks to a paralegal automatically to send out fee agreements to clients.

It also gives you visibility into the status of workflow activities of each task across all the intakes. So using forms, you can collect data efficiently and can please the client with a faster response time.