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Streamline document management

Organize and manage your legal documents

Keep all your documents organized with CloudLex for Word. Upload, tag and access essential case-related documents directly from Microsoft Word, ensuring seamless integration and effortless legal document management across all your devices.

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CloudLex for Word

CloudLex for Word

CloudLex for Word integration

Easy creation and organization of Word documents

Make informed decisions with ease

Enhance productivity

Improve productivity and streamline your workflow with CloudLex’s integration with Microsoft 365 for lawyers. CloudLex for Word enables direct access to CloudLex documents within Word, eliminating the need for multiple uploads and enhancing efficiency in document creation, editing and retrieval.

Digitize your client intake process

Effortless creation and organization of Word documents

Effortlessly create and upload Microsoft Word documents with CloudLex for Word. Make changes, save new versions offline and easily search and upload saved documents to specific matters and categories, keeping your paperwork organized and accessible.

Gain valuable insights with powerful analytics

Seamlessly integrate online and offline tools

Experience seamless integration between online and offline word processing tools. Save countless hours drafting documents and managing your firm with a single click while CloudLex automatically updates and syncs your files for convenient access and efficient collaboration.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Save your valuable time

Save valuable time on document management tasks with CloudLex for Word. Say goodbye to manual uploads and downloads and experience increased efficiency, reduced oversight and faster case progression, allowing you to focus on moving your cases forward.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

CloudLex has increased our firm’s efficiency and ability to draft, share and maintain files

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

The extensions and plugins that CloudLex has with Microsoft Office products are great! You can upload the newest draft or document to CloudLex directly from your Word document, and you can send emails in Outlook that will be saved in CloudLex. It is a fantastic platform to manage your case from start to finish!

Mark Ryan

Chapa Law Group, P.C. | Associate Attorney

Frequently asked questions

How can I upload documents to CloudLex from Microsoft Word


You can now upload documents to CloudLex right from Microsoft Word. Gone are the days when you had to first create and then upload documents into your law case management system!

When you are done drafting a document, you can search matters and select categories right from within Microsoft Word. Even better, you can draft documents when offline (such as while traveling without access to an internet connection) and then save them later, as soon as you’re online again. You can also retrieve documents from any particular matter from within CloudLex’s Matter Manager. Once done editing, a user can simply upload/replace the document in the same matter and category, with the click of a button. Your team will save a lot of time as they no longer need to manually upload and download documents. This leads to quicker turnarounds on documents and processing matters faster.

How is CloudLex for Word different from Microsoft Office Online


With CloudLex for Word you can retrieve documents from within CloudLex and edit them offline. Word Connector is the perfect complement to the Microsoft Office Online® app—in tandem, they make your firm a collaboration machine. Word Connector shows up as a tab in Word, enabling you to work offline just as if you were in the CloudLex’s law case management software.Team members can access files, make changes, create new documents, and save everything directly to CloudLex, sparing your attorneys from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading. Whereas Microsoft office 365 for lawyers lets you create, upload, edit documents within CloudLex online.

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