CloudLex for Word

Keep your practice in line, even when you’re offline.

Keep all your documents organized with CloudLex for Word

Save time on everyday legal document management tasks and spend more time moving cases forward.

CloudLex for Word

Manage documents better

Organize important documents by uploading documents to CloudLex right from Word. Save and access it from all of your devices, and never lose documents.

Save time

CloudLex for Word saves users significant time compared to manually uploading and downloading documents. This means more overall efficiency, less chance of oversight, and matters moving faster.

Improve efficiency

CloudLex’s Integration with the Microsoft Office for lawyers includes CloudLex for Word. When used in tandem, CloudLex for Word rescues you from multiple document uploads, ensuring your firm’s smooth and efficient operation.

Manage documents with ease

Create, edit, and index your urgent CloudLex documents in Microsoft Word even while offline. Save and tag them for later reference.

Create and upload Microsoft Word documents

Upload documents from your desktop, make any changes you need, then save the new version offline. Log in to CloudLex directly from Word Desktop. Matters can be searched by index number, file name, or digits from Microsoft Word itself. Upload saved documents to specific matters and categories while keeping your paperwork easy to access.

Offline matter tagging

Index your documents to different matters offline. Whether online or offline, use the Microsoft Office offline app to store work to the specific matter and keep your work easy to find.

Seamless integration with online and offline word processing

Leverage online and offline tools to save hundreds of hours drafting documents and managing your firm. Retrieve, draft, and move multiple files to or from your respective matters with a single click. The Intuitive App can save the document fresh, and then the document will be automatically updated.

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Keep all your documents organized with CloudLex’s seamless Microsoft Word integration

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Connect the best legal tech apps with CloudLex to build your complete LegalCloud®

Dean Liakis

“As a new firm entering the industry, we were looking for a solution that we could keep in place for years and we found that in CloudLex. It has been instrumental in establishing our firm’s infrastructure. The product is easy to learn and extremely user friendly. The staff loves it and the cloud-based platform allows our attorneys to access all of their files on-the-go. We can’t say enough great things about the CloudLex team. Whenever we have questions, they are always there with answers. Great product and great people!”

Dean Liakas

Liakas Law, PC | New York

CloudLex for Word FAQs

How can I upload documents to CloudLex from Microsoft Word

You can now upload documents to CloudLex right from Microsoft Word. Gone are the days when you had to first create and then upload documents into your law case management system

When you are done drafting a document, you can search matters and select categories right from within Microsoft Word. Even better, you can draft documents when offline (such as while traveling without access to an internet connection) and then save them later, as soon as you’re online again. You can also retrieve documents from any particular matter from within CloudLex’s Matter Manager. Once done editing, a user can simply upload/replace the document in the same matter and category, with the click of a button. Your team will save a lot of time as they no longer need to manually upload and download documents. This leads to quicker turnarounds on documents and processing matters faster.

How is CloudLex for Word different from Microsoft Office Online

With CloudLex for Word you can retrieve documents from within CloudLex and edit them offline. Word Connector is the perfect complement to the Microsoft Office Online® app—in tandem, they make your firm a collaboration machine. Word Connector shows up as a tab in Word, enabling you to work offline just as if you were in the CloudLex’s law case management software.

Team members can access files, make changes, create new documents, and save everything directly to CloudLex, sparing your attorneys from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading. Whereas Microsoft office 365 for lawyers lets you create, upload, edit documents within CloudLex online.