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case management software demo

Questions to Ask During a Legal Cloud Software Demo

case management software demo

Introduction In the fast-paced world of personal injury law, the right personal injury law case management software can make all the difference. According to the American Bar Association Journal, with the necessary law office technology in place, you can streamline your law practice and simplify your firm’s processes, saving both time and money. But that’s … Read more

Redundancy Planning for Personal Injury Legal Software

redundancy planning for legal software

In the world of personal injury law, legal software is more than  a convenience — it’s an essential tool to keep your practice running smoothly and securely. It keeps the gears of your practice turning, ensuring easy access to client files and efficient management of your cases. . However, unforeseen situations can arise that might … Read more

Tips for Networking at Legal Conferences

networking at legal conference

Whether the American Association for Justice’s annual convention, or if Mass Torts Made Perfect in Las Vegas x2 a year is more up your alley, legal conferences present an unparalleled opportunity for networking for lawyers to expand your professional network and advance your career. However, the prospect of networking effectively at these events can seem … Read more

How Legal Tech Can Attract New Employees

legal tech to attract new employees

Our world is in a constant state of evolution, with technology having  a particularly transformative impact. From our personal lives to our professional endeavors, technology has indelibly shaped the way we live and work. As our habits and expectations adapt to this tech-forward world, businesses need to align their strategies accordingly. The legal industry faces … Read more

Tips for Case Management System Data Migration 

case management system data migration

The American Bar Association’s TechReport 2022 reveals that 63% of respondents in its survey reported that case management software was “available to use” in their firm, a continuation of a steady increase from 2019’s numbers. According to the survey, those who worked at a firm with two to nine attorneys were less likely to use the software … Read more

5 Must-Have Tools for Civil Litigation Trial Attorneys

tools for trial attorney

From case management conferences to settlement negotiations, depositions to trials, there is never a dull moment in the life of a personal injury attorney. Because every moment counts, having a set of systems and technology tools is crucial to keep you from missing a beat. The CloudLex team explores five must-have tools for civil litigation … Read more

How a Law Firm Client Portal Can Help You Excel in Client Service

client portal for law firms

A client portal can bring numerous benefits to personal injury law firms, enhancing client satisfaction, streamlining internal processes, improving organization and collaboration among team members, providing secure law firm communication channels, and contributing to client retention and referral generation. One of the main advantages of a client portal is its convenience to potential clients. A … Read more

Drive Growth with Facebook Advertising for Personal Injury Law Firms

Facebook Advertising for Personal Injury Law Firms

Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for personal injury law firms looking to drive growth and increase their client base. In today’s competitive legal landscape, law firms need a robust online presence, and Facebook advertising offers a cost-effective and targeted way to reach potential clients. This article will explore how personal injury law firms … Read more

5 Things Every Personal Injury Law Firm Website Should Include 

5 Things Every PI Website Should Include

According to a 2022 study conducted by the American Bar Association, approximately 94% of attorneys have a website. With so many law firms online, you need more than just a simple website to help your firm stand out. Instead, you need a website showcasing your firm’s strengths, successes, and status, encouraging potential clients to contact your … Read more

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