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Why Old School Legal Storage Tools Are a Recipe for Failure

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Personal injury practice is not an easy job. It takes a special personality to juggle dozens of matters, manage countless meetings, and respond to dozens of follow-up emails and tasks every day. You’d be hard-pressed to find a professional with more on his plate than a Lawyer.

With so many appointments and responsibilities to handle, the last thing a personal injury lawyer would want is malpractice suite for losing old closed-case files. It’s a law firm’s professional responsibility to keep clients’ data secure, stored, and accessible for seven years (it varies based on states) according to requirements of Rule 1.15(a) or DR 9-102 of professional conduct.

No one likes to think about backups. At least not until you are at risk of losing data. Taking backups of your data is an essential part of your firm’s daily and weekly routine. However, making sure that your data is retrievable from that backup is even more important.

Old School storage recipe of failure

Old school approaches using a mix of on-premise servers, disk hardware, and tapes are capital and labor-intensive given the long-term nature of archive storage. The complex process, workflows, and multiple vendors required by archaic solutions further add to their inefficiency and expense. Personal Injury firms, where even the most straightforward cases might generate thousands of pages of documents. Those thousands of pages of documents translate into stacks and stacks of banker’s boxes, which translate directly into thousands of dollars every year in storage costs. Not to mention the general inconvenience of retrieving those files and the associated fees. Bankers boxes occupy expensive real estate, and these physical approaches to storage are susceptible to floods, fires, and hurricanes. Enter CloudLex…its Digital Archiving application eliminates all of the hassle and nearly all the costs. Closed cases (along with all the case files like documents, contacts, medical info, insurance, tasks, events, notes etc.) can be archived and retrieved in a matter of minutes.  A typical firm will save at least 50% on archiving costs, plus countless hours in team time. You save time and money, and your clients get the information they need faster. It’s a win-win situation.

Superior storage technology

The innovative Digital Archiver application enables massive cost savings and data management benefits that were never possible before. Below are the numerous reasons why archiving solutions like this have surpassed archaic systems as the best option for archiving and managing cases and data over time.


With CloudLex’s Digital Archiver, your files are stored on a HIPAA compliant server, hosted by industry-giant Microsoft. That means your files are subject to industry-leading security and around-the-clock monitoring of potential risks (i.e., they’re safe). And since your files are in the cloud (and not in the filing cabinet), they’re no longer prone to disasters like fire, flood, or coffee spills.

Faster archiving

With the Digital Archiver application, the need for old school storage devices is eliminated because everything related to your closed cases is archived in the Cloud (including digital correspondence, task assignments, and user data) with the click of a button for seven years.

Even faster retrieval

For the entire seven years, your closed files can be easily retrieved in multiple formats; you can retrieve files as many times as you need and send them to your clients.

Digital Archiver is natively integrated with Matter Manager. After the case is settled or closed, administrators can archive the closed cases with just a click of a button.With Digital Archiver all your firm information, knowledge, precedence and more is now at your fingertips and you can search through your entire firm’s history with keywords and tags as easily as a Google search.

Don’t let your firm drown in piles of boxes, tapes and disks. The CloudLex Archive is the best solution for a problem the litigation industry has been battling for years. With the help of CloudLex, your firm will be able to mitigate risk, be ethically compliant, increase efficiency and be fully digitized leaving you with the time, and space, to grow your firm.. Get your firm up to speed and step boldly into the future with CloudLex.



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