Which Are the Best Cloud Storage Software for Law Firms?

Legal cloud storage for attorneys is the way forward and once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your old system. All your files will be stored digitally taking up no space in your office and saving you endless hours of filing and searching through boxes.

If you’re ready to save cash with no further need to pay for physical space, endless purchases of bankers boxes, and employee time organizing them, then read on, we’ll be looking a little closer at the best cloud storage for law firms.

CloudLex’s Digital Archiver

Digital Archiver is designed to store all closed matter data (notes, calendar entries, tasks, documents, timelines, user information, etc.) on a HIPAA-certified, secure system with the click of a button. For the entire seven years, your closed files can be easily accessed in multiple formats from data downloads to re-integration with your CloudLex system in an Electronic Legal Record format, which can be easily shared with clients when required.
With CloudLex’s Digital Archiver, your files are stored on a HIPAA compliant server, hosted by industry-giant Microsoft. That means your files are subject to industry-leading security and around-the-clock monitoring of potential risks (i.e. they’re safe). And since your files are in the cloud (and not in the filing cabinet), they’re no longer prone to disasters like fire, flood, or coffee spills.

Google Drive

Google Drive may have wide-ranging applications but it is also one of the best apps for personal injury attorneys. That’s because it has direct integration with Google Docs; that is, it allows you to edit a document right from your browser, without the need to open other apps.
Basically, it’s the Beyoncé of legal software applications…Independent. So while you’re in Duluth for a deposition, your associate in Boise can send you edits on that brief…as long as one of you can connect to the spotty motel Wi-Fi.


Whether you’re living in the cloud or living in the clouds, you’ve probably heard of Dropbox. But Dropbox’s ubiquity doesn’t make it any less essential of a legal app.
For those who still don’t know, Dropbox is a cloud-based data storage service that allows you to access your firm’s important stuff, anytime you need it.

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