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Bolster Your Personal Injury Law Firm Security With the Cloud

Bolster Your Personal Injury Law Firm Security With the Cloud

As a personal injury attorney, you make difficult decisions every day: Should I take this case? Should we go to trial? Should we settle? Is that tuna sandwich at the corner bodega edible? It’s a daily battle to balance risk and reward. You weigh factors such as time, money, effort, and your health. But do you consider personal injury law firm cybersecurity health?

Your firm’s security isn’t something you should neglect. A single breach can cripple your firm’s overall health — damaging your reputation, goodwill, and business. After all, losing client confidential data is not a great way to protect client interests.  So, why do you continue to use archaic security standards/“tech” (e.g., onsite servers, Bankers Boxes), instead of modern, cloud-based document management systems for your clients’ data?

Whatever the reason, we can calm your fears and show you how to enhance your data security by using cloud-based practice management software. Regardless of your firm’s size, you’re taking big risks by not moving your information security to the cloud.

Onsite systems are more vulnerable to data breaches

You can make all the updates you want, but if you’re still using an onsite system you’re far behind the curve. You don’t get a proactive army of cybersecurity experts protecting you 24/7/365, frequent and automatic multi-site backups, or disaster recovery. With local servers, it’s all up to you. Plus, someone could just take the server from your office.

You’re going to lose time and money

Upgrading your systems will actually save you money. On-site systems require lots of time, money, and people to maintain. Crashes take longer to fix, repairs can cause disruption for days. All this downtime will cost you so much more than upgrading does. Then there are the fines, lawsuits, and ethical complaints about breaches, failure to comply with cybersecurity, privacy, and ethical standards, etc.

You’re probably inefficient

With old, outdated software, your productivity is going to suffer. Such systems are slow, buggy, and impossible to integrate with the apps and new technology you need to manage work and life. The inherent downtime and frustrations will cost you money, make staff unhappy and lead to unhappy clients.

So how do you secure your clients’ data and your firm’s future?

The answer is the cloud – the computing one, that is. Storing your firm and client data in a secure cloud (like Microsoft, for example) is the best way to reduce security risks for your firm and protect your clients’ information. But beware, not all clouds are created equal…

CloudLex’s next-gen cloud-based legal platform protects your firm and clients from data breaches. State-of-the-art cybersecurity features are built into our platform, and we’re hosted on top-tier Microsoft Azure servers. Your data is continuously, proactively monitored around the clock. Better yet, cloud documents aren’t affected by the elements, so your operations won’t miss a beat in the event disaster strikes.

Avoid disaster for your firm by signing up for a free demo of our revolutionary cloud-based personal injury matter management system and get the peace of mind that comes with our airtight cybersecurity and efficiency tools.

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