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How Legal Matter Management Software Improves Client Service

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Clients are your firm’s most valuable assets. The main objective of your firm’s case management software for personal injury attorneys should be delivering client satisfaction while also gaining insight into your clients’ needs.

The best matter management software should offer you and your clients remote access to updated records and keep track of clients’ essential information. Read on to see how your clients, firm, and bottom line all benefit from an effective legal client portal software.

Accessible client information

Data comes to your firm in volumes every day, so it’s important to have methods to make that data accessible quickly. State-of-the-art software with cloud technology allows you to easily store, organize, and quantify the large amounts of data necessary to case files across the entire firm and all connected devices. Your team will always have instant access to critical information at a click of a button. No more time was wasted sorting through red welds or filing cabinets.

Additionally, with integrated plug-ins, like those offered by CloudLex, you don’t need to switch between programs—you can access data from across programs while in CloudLex.

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Improve client service

Your clients need to know that all their legal team members know what’s happening with their case, especially if their primary contact is unavailable. A cloud-based legal matter management system allows any authorized personnel access to case-related information remotely and on any device, leading to quicker resolutions for your clients.

CloudLex’s Client Communication Messenger also gives clients unlimited access to shared documents, calendar events, notes, and details through an intuitive online platform that mirrors popular social media apps and real-time updates.

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Reduce workload

A typical day for an attorney or staff member is full of routine and tedious but necessary tasks. Your case management system should assist your employees by automatically handling repetitive jobs. For example, CloudLex’s Workflows streamlines time-consuming tasks (calendaring, task management, HIPAA forms, etc.), so you can focus on delivering great service, client satisfaction, and successful case results.

Enhanced management & monitoring

Ensuring all your team members are on the same page with concurrent legal cases is challenging. A cloud-based case management solution assembles all matter-specific info that is accessible to everyone. With apps like CloudLex’s Matter Manager, senior team members stay updated on macro-level progress through dashboard tools and targeted reports. Decisions can then be made on allocating or reducing office resources, keeping your clients satisfied, and your firm efficient.

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Secures quality future clients

A steady supply of new clients and new matters from existing clients is key to a law firm’s success. The right case management software helps keep your current clients happy while adding qualified new leads to your new client pipeline.

CloudLex’s Referral Engine markets your firm to a growing network of prominent personal injury attorneys. This showcases your firm, allowing you to take on new cases from anywhere (even while disconnected during those all too rare vacations), bringing increased revenues and happy clients, both new and old.


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