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Mitigate Your Cyber Risks by Upgrading to a “True Cloud”

Cyber Risks

Today, a busy Personal Injury law firm is not defined by the number of attorneys or paralegals it has, but by the amount of information it consumes and processes on a day-to-day basis. Issues such as malicious attacks, data breaches, and ransomware attacks are very real and tangible threats that can not only jeopardize the … Read more

Secure Communications: Data Security and Legal Case Management

Preventing a Ransomware Attack on Your Law Firm

The threats are everywhere, they’re invisible and they’re coming for your most valuable assets. Run for your lives! OK, so it’s not an alien invasion. But the threat of cyber attacks is very real, and unfortunately, guarding against those attacks requires constant vigilance. Personal injury lawyers have access to a wealth of sensitive client information … Read more

Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Breaches & Best Practices

Cyber Risks

Anyone that’s ever lugged a box of files around understands the distinct advantages that digital data has over paper; but along with the efficiency and convenience of digital information comes new challenges to your law firm’s security-chief among them, unprecedented access to your confidential information. Cybersecurity is the biggest issue that law firms face today. A … Read more

How Cloud-based Legal Practice Management Software Can Prevent Data Breach in Your PI Law Firm

Prevent Data Breach in Your PI Law Firm

You wouldn’t leave your car windows down while running inside the store to grab OJ—so why would you leave your law firm susceptible to a data breach while you’re out advocating for your client? Yet most people do…That’s because they’re not sure how to protect themselves. Preventing a cyber data attack isn’t as easy as … Read more

Is Your Personal Injury Case Management Software Secure?

Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

Your firm needs reliable and secure storage for the plethora of plaintiff information you have on file. Archaic, outdated case management software isn’t going to cut it these days. Client-server technology from two decades ago with little to no application-level security translates to a vulnerable system. Plus, legacy systems like these are usually hosted within … Read more