Is Cloud-based Legal Technology Secure?

A cloud-based system can reduce the risk of a security breach at your PI law firm. In addition to the monitoring, what happens if your employee loses a firm laptop, tablet, or phone? Just change a password, so no unauthorized access to your system.

For enhanced internal security, you can set user-level access permissions and restrict or delete user access, with the click of a button. You can also easily monitor when, where, and how employees are using your system. You can even easily run a report that will show everyone and anyone who has accessed your system. All of this can be easily accomplished by ticking a couple of boxes and is in addition to the 24/7/365 security you get from the cloud provider.

Legal technology platforms like CloudLex are operated out of completely secured data-centers that are monitored 24/7/365 by security systems that would rival those of Fort Knox. Their data-centers are HIPAA/HITECH certified, ISO certified, and have received numerous other industry-specific security certifications, such as those surrounding the finance and law firm accounting worlds. In short, with a cloud provider of this caliber, you get a security setup that even those billion-dollar AmLaw 100 law firms cannot afford.

Also, these learning cloud providers, like Microsoft, have invested billions in developing expertise, security infrastructure, disaster recovery contingencies, data backup plans, and Geo-Redundancy (multiple mirror location), meaning if one server goes down, you can still access your data from another server from a different location. No “regional data center”, “local IT provider”, or a “hosted case management provider” can match it.

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