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No More Excuses: Bolster Your Law Firm Security With the Cloud

As a personal injury attorney, you’re tasked with making difficult decisions every day: Should I take on this client? Should we take this to trial? Should we ask for more money or settle? Is that tuna sandwich at the bodega downstairs ok to eat? It’s a constant battle wherein you’re forced to balance risk vs. reward on the daily—weighing factors such as time, money, effort, and, in the case of the tuna sandwich, your health. But what about the health of your personal injury law firm security?

Your law firm’s security isn’t something you should mess around with. A single data breach can cripple your firm’s overall health—leading to a loss of reputation, goodwill, and business…after all, your main duty as an attorney is to protect your clients’ interests, and losing their confidential matter data is not exactly a great way to do that.  The question remains then: why do you continue to use archaic security standards/“tech” (e.g., onsite servers, Bankers Boxes), instead of modern cloud-based legal document management for your clients’ data?

Well, whatever the excuse, we’re here to dispel those reasons and show you how you can beef up your data security by switching to cloud-based matter management software. Whether you’re a small law firm or a giant one, you’re taking big risks by failing to upgrade your information security to the cloud:

You’re risking a data breach

The whole point of taking increased cybersecurity measures is to ensure your clients’ data is safe; but with onsite systems, you’re not getting the best security tools, frequent backups, effective disaster recovery measures, and more. Instead, with local servers, the onus is on you—you’re one unpatched vulnerability away from begging hackers to steal your matter info and ruin your reputation.

You’re risking significant losses of time and money

You might think upgrading your data management will cost you more than just sticking with what you have, but cyber security professionals would advise otherwise. On-site systems take a lot of money and staff to maintain—and frequent crashes and repairs lead to lots of downtime for your productivity…not to mention the cost of a breach or the fines associated with failing to comply with compliance standards (which is often a challenge for obsolete software).

You’re risking inefficiency

If you’re using old, outdated software, your productivity is likely to suffer. On-site software can be buggy, slow, and impossible to integrate with your favorite productivity legal tech apps—thereby rendering them “unproductivity” apps…combine that with a higher probability for breach and you’re looking at a lot of downtime, down employees, and down profits.

So how do you secure your clients’ data and your firm’s future?

We’ve already told you: the answer is in the cloud…no not that cloud, down here. Storing your firm’s sensitive and confidential info in the cloud is the best way to eliminate security risks for your firm and protect your clients’ best interests. But not all clouds are the same…

CloudLex’s next-gen cloud-based personal injury case management system protects your firm’s sensitive information from data breach. We have state-of-the-art cybersecurity features built into our platform (e.g., application-level security, strong password protection, automatic backups), and we’re hosted on top-tier Microsoft Azure servers, so your data is subject to continuous monitoring—allowing you to remain vigilant, even when you’re asleep. And since cloud documents aren’t affected by the elements, your firm won’t skip a beat should a natural disaster strike.

And you can avoid a natural disaster for your firm by signing up for a free demo of our revolutionary cloud-based legal platform. Do it now so you can secure peace of mind with our airtight cybersecurity precautions and efficiency with our all-in-one cloud platform designed for your personal injury needs.

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