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Automate repetitive tasks/events and establish a winning process with our custom personal injury workflow automation. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual work as our software automates repetitive tasks and events at various matter and client intake stages.

Automate repetitive tasks and events

Efficient task assignment

Assign tasks with ease based on roles and matters. Our law firm task management software automatically assigns predefined tasks to team members, ensuring everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time. Customize workflows to fit your team and firm’s needs.

Stay on top of open cases

Stay on top of open cases effortlessly. Monitor firm and individual level tasks, track their progress and criticality and identify any hurdles hindering their completion. Our software helps you manage cases efficiently and ensures smooth workflow progression.

Reduce errors

Reduce errors and improve work quality. Workflows implemented through our software guarantee a higher level of accuracy and encourage your staff to deliver high-quality work. Their contributions become valuable assets for the overall growth of your personal injury law firm.

Law Firm Workflow Management

Streamline case progression for efficiency

Access and user management

Admins can give access to intake or matter workflows for other staff members from the Access Management tab in Settings. Assign users by roles, and the assigned workflow tasks will automatically reflect for the respective assignees ensuring collaboration and accountability.

Reports and reminders

Generate comprehensive Intake and Matter Management workflow reports. Keep track of pending and completed tasks per workflow per intake or matter. Set up reminders and alerts in your calendar to ensure you and your team are always on top of each intake.

Establish accountability

Customize task and event workflows to establish accountability within your firm. Generate intake and matter workflow reports effortlessly to track pending and completed tasks per workflow, per intake or per matter.

Enhanced task tracking

Enhance task tracking and accountability with CloudLex. Receive reminders, follow-up emails and track task status on your dashboard for efficient monitoring and reduced missed deadlines.

Flexible date options

Calculate task and event workflows by selecting from various date options, including Date of Incident, Date of Intake, SOL, Intake/Matter Created Date or create a new custom date option. Adapt the workflow to match your specific requirements.

Streamline your case evaluation process
Streamline your case evaluation process

Get your cases moving always

Streamline case progression with stage-based workflows. Automatically assign administrative tasks to your team members based on case status/sub-status to keep everything on track. Gain visibility into task status and streamline team collaboration.

See what your peers are saying about CloudLex!

What your peers are saying about CloudLex.

Very happy I made the decision to become a CloudLex Subscriber

Personal Injury case management made easy! I would recommend it to any personal injury firm!

The automated workflow lets me make sure I don’t miss tasks I need on each case. Also, CloudLex has helped me make sure I stay on top of all my cases by automatically moving a case into the “stalled” category if I don’t do work on a case. This helps me make sure a case does not slip through the cracks. 

Dennis Ryan

Law Office of Dennis P. Ryan | Attorney

Frequently asked questions


CloudLex’s legal workflow automation is a tool that helps lawyers to automate and assign sequences of tasks based on a trigger. The trigger can be a stage movement like a new case moving to discovery then mediation. With workflow automation, lawyers don’t need to assign tasks manually whenever there is a new case; it saves time and effort.

What tasks can be automated?


Routine tasks can be set up as legal workflow automation and assigned to the necessary team members. Once set up, you can assign these repetitive tasks with a click of a button every time you start a new case so that nothing gets missed. Your staff will receive updates and reminders, and you’ll have an overview of all outstanding tasks and deadlines so your firm never misses an important date again.

For example, you have a hearing coming up, which means the lead attorney needs to be assigned critical events (e.g., a notice of hearing filing or hearing date) and corresponding tasks need to be delegated (e.g., sending courtesy copies, preparing a digital hearing folder, print document binders, converse in good faith with opposing counsel, and arrange a court reporter).

What benefits can I get from using CloudLex’s law firm workflow management?


Using CloudLex’s Law Firm Workflow Management can significantly enhance your law firm’s efficiency. It can automate repetitive tasks, better organize your workflow and ensure every step of your legal process is meticulously followed. This leads to more streamlined operations, reduced errors and improved client service.

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