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“We’re able to handle about 40% more cases than our previous software.”

Easily able to organize information and run reports to manage your law firm in an efficient and effective manner. Highly recommended for managing partners and attorneys looking to organize and grow their practice. CloudLex is light years beyond other software that we used.

Michael B. Cohan

Cohan Law, PLLC | Personal Injury Attorney

Michael Cohen


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Work from anywhere with a sense of confidence and relief”

I logged into my CloudLex account from my kitchen and realized my client’s cases would not be affected in the slightest. Every bit of information I need working from home is literally at my fingertips. I could manage my practice with a sense of confidence and relief.

Work from anywhere with the sense of confidence and relief.

Adam Handler

Pollack, Pollack, Issac & DeCiccio, LLP | Partner

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Helped our growing law firm become more efficient”

By far the best-case management software out there. It is so easy and simple to use. The customer service is second to none. They deal with any issues and answer any questions right away. Being web-based is such a plus. CloudLex has been a game-changer for our firm.

David Krangle photo

David Krangle

Alonso Krangle, LLP | Managing Partner

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Very user friendly and organizes things well”

Give it a try and you will like it. Tracking requests for medical records better, great calendaring and integration with Outlook, overall very organized.

Chase Rasmussen photo

Chase Rasmussen

Rasmussen Injury Law | Owner

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Seamless transition from working in the office to working from home”

Our paralegals and attorneys had all client information and documentation readily available, which allowed us to operate without a glitch. CloudLex’s customer service team is superb and very responsive to your firm’s needs.

Monica R. McKinnon photo

Monica R. McKinnon

Alpert Schreyer, Injury Attorneys | Firm Administrator

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Personal Injury case management made easy. I would recommend to any personal injury firm”

When it comes to personal injury case management software, I always feel like if there are options that are niche, it’s better to go that route than just pick a generic one. We transferred over 300 cases and there weren’t any issues. Everything was smooth.

Jesse Danoff photo

Jesse Danoff

Mitchell and Danoff Law Firm | Senior Litigation Attorney

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Way to scale and organize a personal injury practice”

The best thing is I can speak with real people at CloudLex for support. Feedback is always appreciated and implemented; this software is always improving. CloudLex helped our staff work remotely.

Way to scale and organize a personal injury practice

Laura Rosenberg

Rosenberg and Rodriguez, PLLC | Managing Attorney

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It helps the firm be more organized”

It makes all the files easy to find and allows us to link documents that are super easy to link to the medical bills. CloudLex also helps remind our attorneys what they have coming up, with the reminders going up to 30 days before the event.

CloudLex Client

Cera Alvarado

Calvillo Silva PLLC | Legal Assistant

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The simplicity and how it is exactly configured for the plaintiff’s practice”

Our office was still using mainly paper before. Everyone in the office is seeing just how much more efficient it is and the brilliance in having one place to manage all of your cases and information. I also like how they’re constantly listening to feedback and making improvements.

Adam Bair photo

Adam Bair

The Law Office of Adam J. Bair, P.A. | Trial Lawyer

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I have used other case management services. CloudLex has been the best”

The thing I like most about CloudLex is that it is secure and cloud-based, which allows me to work from anywhere there is a good internet connection. The platform lets you have an entire case (indeed your entire office) in one place and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Equally important is customer service, which has been great over the many years I have been a customer/user.

CloudLex Client

Jim Miron

Zeisler and Zeisler, P.C. | Attorney

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I don t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have CloudLex”

I have been able to settle so many cases over the past month because I have access to everything from home. I was preparing for a mediation I had the next morning and if it weren’t for CloudLex, I would have had to go to the office and be there until 3 am.

Patrick Bisogno photo

Patrick Bisogno

Bisogno and Meyerson LLP | Managing Partner

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I would highly recommend CloudLex for Personal Injury firms”

I like that CloudLex is specifically tailored for Plaintiff firms. It is very user-friendly, which makes training employees a lot easier. Tracking productivity on a case.

CloudLex Client

Raelina Brown

Sutten Law Group, LLC. | Office Manager

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Unmatched attention to detail and level of service”

The CloudLex family has gone above and beyond to provide high-quality, uninterrupted service that has been instrumental in serving our client’s needs at a time when clients need our help the most.

Christopher D. Campione photo

Christopher D. Campione

Campione Law, P.A. | Managing Partner

Very easy learning curve”

Extremely easy to work on cases from anywhere in the world. It’s also incredibly useful in assessing the health of the firm — how many cases are coming, how many clients are in-house or referred out. I am almost fully paperless, reducing my need for space and personnel.

Alyce Wittenstein photo

Alyce Wittenstein

Wittenstein and Wittenstein | Senior Partner

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We’re able to handle about 40% more cases than our previous software”

Easily able to organize information and run reports to manage your law firm in an efficient and effective manner. Highly recommended for managing partners and attorneys looking to organize and grow their practice. CloudLex is light years beyond other software that we used.

Michael Cohen

Michael B. Cohan

Cohan Law, PLLC | Personal Injury Attorney

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The ease/simplicity of the program”

The support is exceptional. I can access my files, telephone messages, contacts and calendar anywhere in the world.

David Hernandez

David J. Hernandez

Law Offices of David J. Hernandez and Associates | Owner

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CloudLex is solving our inefficiencies”

It makes our firm work quicker, find data quicker, communicate with clients quicker and overall keeps us better organized. Quick access to critical data from anywhere has been beneficial. Having the ability to see how many cases are active and who in our firm is working on them is valuable. Also, communicating with our clients through the messaging app has been great.

CloudLex Client

Robert Lynch

Hoffman, Sternberg, Karpf and Lynch, LLC | Attorney

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I really enjoy using it”

It works well for a plaintiff’s personal injury-based firm. It is very user-friendly and they usually answer my calls within a day when I have questions.

Wendy Manard photo

Wendy Manard

Manard Law | Lawyer

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Ability to have case information, documents and calendar in the cloud”

The migration process was not as bad as we thought it would be. CloudLex support was helpful and guided us through each step. Anytime we needed something modified, they were ready to help. We have been using the system for about 4 months and are happy with the decision to switch. Having our case information and documents in the cloud is great!

CloudLex Client

Angela Bobbit

Parker Law Firm | Paralegal

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CloudLex has transformed how we practice law”

CloudLex allows our attorneys to access our documents from anywhere at any time. Snowstorms no longer require moving documents to flash drives to work from home. How it truly changed just one of our cases was during an arbitration. A question came up and my physical binder did not have the answer. I was able to access a note in the CloudLex file from my iPad and immediately defeat the Respondent’s case. That is just one example of how it has transformed our firm’s practice of law.

CloudLex has transformed how we practice law.

Brian Pascale

Pascal Law | Managing Partner

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Excellent Choice”

I have reviewed many options for cloud-based PI software, and I strongly believe that CloudLex is the best option out there. Great support team, is easy to set up and is affordable. You can’t go WRONG with CloudLex.

Azzam Elder photo

Azzam Elder

Elder Brinkman Law | Partner

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I completely and unequivocally recommend CloudLex”

I have been using CloudLex from the very beginning and the amount of improvement and utility is unbelievable. They have helped to take me to the next level as an attorney. The ease of use of the product is the main benefit to any practitioner. The menus and options are self-explanatory and do not require our staff to be IT professionals. We are excited to be a part of the CloudLex family; the sky is the limit!

Michael Skiber photo

Michael Skiber

Skiber Law | Managing Partner

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It is easy to use and very affordable”

I looked at many other programs before I made my choice to use CloudLex. I found these other more expensive systems to have features that I knew neither my staff nor I would use. I also have been very happy with how responsive the staff at CloudLex have been in making changes to the system that were tailored to my firm’s needs.

Patrick Falcon

Patrick L. Falcon

Falcon Law Firm | Managing Partner

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Wonderful customer service. Good inexpensive product”

Ease of learning. Up and running the first day. Task management. Easy to assign and track. Notes. Easy to see and use. Cost and ease of learning. A smart advocate was for a larger caseload. We have under 200 files open.

Jim Miron photo

Jeff Shaw

Shaw Law | Partner

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Fantastic case management superiority”

Simple to use, integrates easily with all my devices, and is perfect for document and deadline organization.

CloudLex Client

David Pierguidi

Glugeth and Pierguidi, P.C. | Attorney

“A must-need for plaintiff Personal Injury law firms”

Andrea Telquist

Telaré Law | Attorney 

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