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Task Management Mistakes That Can Harm Your Business Growth

5 Mistakes To Avoid During Client Intake

Blog on 5 mistakes to avoid during client intake

Did you know that less than 10% of prospective clients actually speak with a lawyer?   Here at CloudLex®, we usually like to advise you what to do (how to improve your law practice, attract potential law firm clients, grow your business, etc.), but today we’re focused on telling you what NOT to do. That’s … Read more

Why Task Management Is Important for Personal Injury Law Firms

How Task Management Is Important for Personal Injury Law Firms

The way most personal injury law firms think about task management procedures is how many teenagers regard their parents—they don’t realize their importance until they mess up. The difference is, for law firms the consequences are way more damaging—for teens, forgetting to get gas may cause them to be late to a party; but if your team members forget a deadline, you could lose a case, a client, and, even worse, your reputation. That’s why it’s so important to have a proper personal injury law firm’s task management plan in place—not only to avoid the consequences, but also to reap the benefits.

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