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Which Is the Best Task Management Software for Law Firms?

How Task Management Is Important for Personal Injury Law Firms


Task management is usually a feature integrated into your case management software so that cases can be broken down into tasks allowing the progress of each case to be managed efficiently.

We don’t recommend having a separate legal task delegation software; it should always be a native part of your case management because when you have two separate systems that aren’t deeply integrated, then you are creating silos of information and a lot of manual and duplicate work. This means you are spending $ and time fixing the issues instead of investing in the growth of the firm.

If you are looking for task management software, we recommend subscribing to CloudLex’s case management package, where you get the power of Matter Manager, which features native task management.

CloudLex(R) is the perfect personal injury case management software because it is the one unified platform that allows you to build, manage, and grow your practice. A unified platform that seamlessly integrates all the apps such as Intake Manager, Matter Manager, Client communicator, Digital Archiver, Referral Engine, and Microsoft Office Online in one place. So you can manage every stage in the case journey, right from client intake, to client service, to closure, in one platform.

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