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What Are the Features of Case Management Software?

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The key features of a case management software include:

Legal Calendar ManagementWith calendar features, you can view and manage appointments, court dates, tasks, and all critical case dates, such as the statute of limitations, date of incident, no-fault deadlines, etc.
legal Communication ManagementYou can efficiently communicate with your clients and contacts. You can integrate your email with the case management software so that all your email communication can be stored in place. Case management software like CloudLex also offers text messaging and discussion boards for firms to communicate internally or externally.
Law Firm Document ManagementThis legal document management software allows lawyers to store a variety of case files (from PDFs to audio streams) and classify it however they want, for easy retrieval later. You can create, upload, and edit documents from anywhere, right alongside your colleagues, resulting in less time coordinating and more time collaborating.
Legal Task ManagementEach firm member, based upon their roles and the matters they are assigned to, can be assigned predefined tasks with specific due dates all at once, from within the software. As a role-based and task-oriented personal injury firm, you can monitor firm and individual-level tasks, their criticality, progress, and any hurdles that are hindering the completion of these tasks. You can then optimize your resources towards the right cases at the right time.
Legal Workflow AutomationWith workflows, you can establish your winning process by creating a custom workflow that automates repetitive tasks and events in the various stages of your matters and case intakes.
Personal Injury Settlement CalculatorYou can manage all the demands and offers in one place for single and even multiple plaintiffs in a personal injury case. Track offers, payment requests, and expenses for each injury type. Our Settlement Calculator intuitively shows attorney recovery and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer.
Law Firm Reports and DashboardsReports and dashboards allow you to view your firm’s trend in new case openings, case closings, and referrals, over the last 3, 6, or 12 months. Plus, you can see the total number of open personal injury cases, along with a breakdown of the number of open cases in each phase of litigation along with the cases that have stalled.
Mobile Case Management SoftwareCase management software often has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, so you have easy access to essential applications while on the move.

​Features and offerings differ from vendor to vendor, so we recommend you read our case management software guide; it can help you make the right choice about the correct case management software for your firm.

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