How Can Lawyers Schedule Calendars Effectively?

  • Whether you manage your calendar on paper or cloud-based case management software, lawyers and their calendar go hand in hand.
  • Having an efficient calendaring system is one battle, and using it efficiently to make sure you don’t miss deadlines is how you win the war.

Here are the tips you can use to stay on top of your deadlines:

  1.   Block time out

  • Block a dedicated chunk of your time for specific tasks.
  • It avoids delaying important tasks and counterproductive multitasking.
  • Calendar blocking is also useful for scheduling periods of time when you know you will not be available, e.g., for holidays, family events, etc.
  1.   Detail calendar entries

  • Include all the important information regarding the event when making the calendar entry
  • Make sure to include contact information of clients you are meeting, brief meeting notes, and a link to the meeting if it is virtual (or the physical location); this can be a huge time saver if you have to cancel, reschedule the event, or if you are running late.
  1.   Daily and weekly view

  • You need to see not just how your day looks but how your week looks too; this allows you to better plan and manages your time.
  1.   Make entries immediately

  • Schedule events in the calendar as soon as you make a commitment or are given a court date.
  • This avoids accidental double-booking which can damage your professional reputation. 
  1.   Firm-Wide Calendar

  • Every team member in a law firm works towards a common goal – winning cases for their clients.
  • And the entire staff collaborates on everyday tasks to make sure the goal is achieved. Therefore, having a view of the firm-wide events of all cases allow you to review and manage time and resources in advance.
  • It simplifies and speeds up the tasks as everyone knows who is doing what and are on the same page.

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