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4 Ways Digital Signature Solutions Benefit Personal Injury Lawyers

Digital Signature Solutions Benefit Personal Injury Lawyers

There’s no denying that technology has revolutionized the way lawyers and law firms operate (or at least the way clients expect them to operate) and handle internal processes. While some may pine for the olden days, these advances have numerous advantages, especially when considering the enormous volume of documents created, exchanged, and stored on a daily basis across the legal profession. In the Personal Injury field, where contingency fees reign supreme, expediting workflow and processes is key to growth. Implementation of technology can eliminate the tedious, time-consuming back-and-forth between lawyers and clients that cause numerous daily delays. Electronic signature services are highly popular in the business world globally and are becoming increasingly common in the legal industry. Here’s why you should adopt the best electronic signature solution into your practice.

Flexibility and convenience, for clients and lawyers

Just a handful of years ago, executing an engagement letter was a time-consuming and expensive proposition. Documents had to be physically printed and sent via overnight courier to your client. Your client then had to execute, go to the nearest courier office (FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Post Office), wait in line, and send it back. It would take at least two full days.

Perhaps you’ve had to go into the office on a day off, late at night, or on a holiday just to execute a document before an important deadline. Digital signature services can save both you and your clients time and frustration.

Are there several signatories required? Digital signature services can be automated with smart workflows routing documents for signature by the right people, in the right order, at the right time. Attorneys and clients are no longer bound by physical limitations and frustrations of shipping documents – documents can be signed from anywhere, at any time. No more rushing to get a document signed and in the mail by the end of the day. Your clients can sign from their laptop, tablet or mobile phone while at work, on the go or just relaxing at home (and so can you). Fully executed documents are delivered to everyone once signed and copies are kept in your account. It’s an easy win-win for all those involved.

Protect client data

The legal industry is a constant target for cyberattacks since law firms retain a large amount of highly confidential data for their clients. E-signature solutions enable law firms to easily protect client data and also prevent the documents and files from being damaged, lost, or stolen. Solutions like Adobe Sign follow stringent security procedures and provide cloud technology that uses s PCI DSS-approved encryption algorithms to encrypt documents and assets at rest with AES 256-bit encryption and uses HTTPS TLS v1.2 to protect data in transit. These services provide state-of-the-art security for you and your clients.

Save money

Who doesn’t like to save money? Cutting costs is especially important for firms operating on contingency fees, where such expenses are not routinely billed to the client (and, even if they are, clients don’t like paying for them). Paperless signature technology saves law firms hundreds of dollars in paper, ink, printer/copier wear and tear and maintenance, postage, onsite and offsite storage, and attorney/staff time.

Process matters faster with CloudLex

The combination of cloud-based case management systems and digital signature services allows law firms to do more than just cut costs as outlined above. It also allows you to streamline your practice and significantly reduce case processing timelines. This powerful combination allows attorneys and staff to organize and manage documents in an efficient way, that will result in faster processing and happier clients.

With all these benefits in mind, CloudLex has developed an integration with Adobe Sign for personal injury lawyers to speed up their document workflow and get important documents signed faster. Schedule a demo today.

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