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Rise and Shine: How To Make the Most of Your Day and up Your Firm’s Efficiency

Law Firm’s Efficiency

Let’s cut to the chase—you shouldn’t be reading this blog. The life of a personal injury attorney is hectic, nonstop, and a bunch of other words that mean “you’re busy”— so let’s stop messing around and get to it. Below we lay out a plan for making your day the most efficient—the formula is simple: more productivity and less wasted time and effort. Here’s your game plan to up your PI law firm efficiency:

Your day starts the night before

We all know getting your mind right (sleep, food, exercise) is important for a productive day, but getting your schedule right is just as crucial…and you shouldn’t have to wait until you sit down at your desk to find out who will be in or what’s on tap for the day.

The Next-Gen Legal Cloud®️ puts your emails, matter info, critical deadlines, and a firm-wide calendar all in one place (CloudLex) that can be accessed from your bed or from yoga—so you can focus on hitting the ground running before you even hit the ground.

Stick to the script

As a personal injury attorney, you’re likely to be met with a barrage of emails from the moment you wake up. While it might feel like you’re getting more done by responding to messages right away, that reflex keeps you from getting started on higher priority tasks that may take longer.

Consider scheduling set times to respond to emails (and other routine tasks) and sticking to it. Most messages don’t require immediate action and by taking time to focus on more laborious projects, you can ultimately get more accomplished in a shorter period of time.

Trim the fat

Practicing law is not like the movies; you often spend more time in the storage room than you do in the courtroom. If admin tasks are bogging you down, the solution is simple: get rid of them.

By going paperless you can search for docs in seconds (not days). And with CloudLex’s dashboard tools you can identify which of your projects are huge time sucks and then assign (or reassign) them to your staff—so you can stop wasting time and get back to being a lawyer.

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Work whenever and wherever

You’re not always going to be at the office, with your trusted computer, assistant, and files nearby—but that doesn’t mean you should go on vacay every time you step away from your desk either. The most productive PI attorneys handle their business whenever (and wherever) they can. And with CloudLex, you always can.

All you need is an internet connection to access our comprehensive suite of efficiency-boosting apps—like Matter Manager (included in our iOS app), which allows you to take control of your case management process from intake to closure without having to take your feet off the couch.

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Collaborate and delegate

Here’s one you should know—help is good. Lean on your colleagues and staff to get things done (e.g., work on a brief with another attorney, let your assistant handle formatting)—it’ll make your life easier and you’ll get stuff finished in record time. As we’ve previously detailed, CloudLex offers a bunch of features that make joining forces with your co-workers both easy and fruitful.

Automate, automate, automate:

Even simple recurring tasks can add up and take time away from your productivity—that’s why it’s important to automate. What is automation? It’s basically like choosing “record series” on your DVR, instead of having to remember to record your favorite show every day or week…and you can do the same thing for your PI firm.

With CloudLex you can make legal workflows automation for any stage of your case that requires repetitive tasks and assign them all at once—creating more time to work on your clients’ matters.

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Don’t waste any more time, check “sign up for a free demo” off your to-do list now and start producing results for your firm and taking care of business (both literally and figuratively).

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