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8 Ways Your Pi Law Firm Wins When You Switch to Legal Cloud Software

Switch to Legal Cloud Software

What’s the best way to improve the efficiency and productivity of your personal injury firm? Time’s up! If you said moving your practice to the cloud, then you’re absolutely right. Your prize? Once you switch, success for your firm and satisfaction for your clients. But figuring out the best way to run your PI firm isn’t a game of chance—so instead of making you guess the infinite reasons why migrating to cloud-based personal injury case management software is the best option for your firm, we’re going to give you 8 (so you have a head start over your competition).

What are the rules? All you need to know is what the cloud is…if you’ve ever streamed a movie on your tablet or listened to someone else’s playlist on your phone, then you’ve used the cloud. In other words, you use the cloud anytime you store or access your data over the internet instead of locally (like on your laptop…or, even further back, Bankers Boxes). Remember there’s no time limit for switching to the cloud, but you’re cheating yourself (and your clients) every second you don’t make the move. Now let’s begin…

Here are 8 ways your PI firm wins by switching to legal cloud software:

Save some cash

Upgrading to the latest case management software usually requires a significant upfront investment, but not with the cloud; cloud-based law practice management software is infrastructure light—they don’t require expensive servers, licenses, hardware, IT staff, or office space to get going…all you need is a laptop and internet.

Growth is good

With the cloud-based legal software, you don’t have to be scared of success, because expansion doesn’t require large outlays of cash—all you need to scale up is an internet connection. And any downturn in business is softened by the cloud’s pay-as-you-go model—so you can stop whenever you want without incurring extra costs.

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Feel secure

The cloud gives you 24/7/365 protection for your data without having to hire an around-the-clock (and error-prone) IT staff. With the cloud, you can restrict and monitor access to important case info—and you never have to worry about losing your data should you misplace a laptop or file…it’s in the cloud!

Work from wherever

Cloud platforms let you handle your business on your own terms because you can access your data from anywhere, at anytime, on any internet-enabled device—so whether you’re stuck in traffic or on your couch, you’re always able to make progress.

Collaborate consistently

You can also edit and share urgent legal documents with your team from wherever. And because docs are centrally stored and updated in real-time, you can ensure you’re always in the most recent version—leading to increased legal document management efficiency and more informed interactions with clients.

Take a load off

You have enough to worry about as a personal injury attorney, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining or upgrading pricey equipment and software solutions…and with the cloud, you don’t have to—all servers are off-premise, so it’s your vendor’s responsibility to handle tedious maintenance and renewal (while you focus on law).

Prevent disasters

Documents in the cloud aren’t affected by natural disasters like fire, flood, or outage—meaning there’s never a stoppage in work and you won’t cost your personal injury firm’s time, money, or clients.

Make more green and become more green

The cloud eliminates the need for physical storage, so you don’t have to lug heavy Bankers Boxes around the office or make space for them; instead, you can find your docs (including closed files or email documents) with the ease of a Google search—saving energy, cash, and the environment.

Speaking of time… that concludes this edition of “Why Haven’t You Switched to the Cloud Yet?” sponsored by CloudLex—the next-gen Legal Cloud designed exclusively for PI firms.

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