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Keep Your Cash by Investing in the Legal Cloud®️

Keep Your Cash by Investing in the Legal Cloud

Upgrading to the newest technology—whether in business or at home—is often thought of as a formidable task requiring significant investments of time, learning, and—most daunting—cash; but that opinion is rich in misinformation and definitely not “on the money.”

The reality is that a lot of modern cloud technology is heavy on convenience and light on your wallet; for example, online streaming services grant you unlimited access to a never-ending supply of entertainment for a low monthly fee that doesn’t require large CD or DVD shelves.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this sort of technology existed in the legal field?

Well, it does…in the cloud.  Switching to cloud-based legal practice management software will increase your PI law firm’s productivity and efficiency while dramatically decreasing your capital expenditures—allowing you to redistribute those savings towards things like funding your cases and winning for your clients (you know…the important stuff).

Below we highlight just a few of the infinite ways cloud services can keep you from grabbing for your wallet while you reach for new heights.

I’m ready to upgrade my legal tech without upgrading my expenditures—how can legal cloud software help?

Minimal upfront costs

Cloud solutions are infrastructure light—they don’t require expensive servers, licenses, hardware, IT staff, or office space to get going…all you need is a laptop and internet.

Low risk

Because you don’t have to buy pricey equipment or software, you don’t have to worry about maintaining, housing, or upgrading pricey equipment or software.  Just like your favorite streaming services, cloud vendors use a pay-as-you-go model with a low monthly fee—so you can stop whenever you want, and you won’t be stuck with any costly “leftovers.”

Easy to use

Cloud solutions tend to be very intuitive for users—so you don’t waste money (or time that could be spent making money) on expensive staff training.

Growth friendly

Expansion doesn’t require large outlays of cash on equipment, and you won’t be punished for success.  With cloud solutions, all you need to scale up is an internet connection.

Seamless transition

Moving to the cloud is easy.  You have access to your matters the day you move to the cloud—so you don’t have to put your business (or revenue) on hold.

Increase efficiency, lower overhead

Cloud-based platforms can be accessed from anywhere, on any device—meaning work and profits don’t have to stop once you leave the office; all while saving you loads on overhead costs like travel, utilities, and storage costs.

Protection from loss

Despite their weather-related name, cloud solutions aren’t affected by the elements—allowing you to avoid costly work interruptions and expensive data recovery should a natural disaster strike.

And don’t let us interrupt you from learning more about cloud-based legal technology; while you’re here, check out the rest of our blogs detailing how the cloud can save you money (in addition to a lot of time, energy, and headaches). Then, sign up for a free demo to find out how CloudLex, the Next-Gen Legal Cloud®, is the best choice to help build, manage, and grow your PI practice.

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