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Anywhere at Anytime With CloudLex

We don’t have to tell you that technology today is increasingly mobile.  How mobile? You have the ability to read this blog on your phone…on a cruise ship…while walking to the gym…to get on a treadmill—that mobile.  And things should be no different when it comes to your personal injury practice—the office might be your main place of business, but it shouldn’t be your only place of business. Here comes the Legal Cloud-Based Case Management Software!

Whether you’re stuck in a courthouse lobby or at home due to inclement weather, you’re not at your desk… with your trusted computer, colleagues, and assistant nearby. You need a plaintiff litigation management software that will be there for you, no matter where you are. Enter CloudLex…it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any internet-enabled device—allowing you to build, manage, and grow your PI firm from the convenience (or inconvenience) of anywhere.

Here are just a few of the ways CloudLex can help you meet the collaborative needs of your clients and staff alike when you’re on the go:

Serve your clients better

Your clients can get a stranger to pick them up from the airport in a matter of minutes, so they expect a higher standard from their fiduciaries.

With CloudLex, you no longer have to wait till Monday to get them the information they need—instead, you can find vital info and records from your couch quicker than you can find change under your cushions; then you can easily share it with them (and vice versa) using CloudLex’s secure Client Messenger app.

You’re not the only one who is mobile, so are your colleagues. If work only got done when everyone was on the same schedule, then work would never get done. CloudLex’s solutions allow you to make any room in your house, your war room.

With our matter Management software (included in our iOS app), you can assign and monitor tasks that your team can handle at their convenience.  And with our Microsoft Office Online® integration, you can create, edit and co-author documents using a familiar interface and those changes will be reflected immediately across all devices…ensuring everyone’s in the same version, even when they’re not in the same building.

Get a birds-eye view on the fly

One of the distinct advantages of being in the office is the ability to figure out what and who’s working…until now—CloudLex’s info-packed dashboards level the playing field so you can get a handle on all the developments happening in your office while you handle things outside it.

Through our targeted reports you’ll gain in-depth insight into your PI firm’s key performance indicators (e.g., new matters per month, closed matters per month, stalled matters) and our Tasks feature lets you see which of your daily projects are off track—so you can find problems with your firm even when you don’t want anyone to find you.

Get the full functionality of your office…from your living room

CloudLex—the next-gen Legal Cloud®—provides you with everything you need to build, manage, and grow your PI practice from your desk chair or your recliner.

With the cloud, you can access the entirety of our comprehensive suite of legal tech apps (Referral Engine, Referral Exchange, Digital Archiver, CloudLex for Word, CloudLex for Outlook, App Integrator, and more) wherever work happens—so you can be more productive, more organized, more efficient, flexible, and more secure with your time.

Where you can’t afford to be more flexible with your time is waiting to sign up for a free demo.  Sign up now—whether you’re in the office or out of the office—to get your PI practice moving forward while you’re on the go.

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