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Streamlining Repetitive Tasks Using Legal Workflow Automation Tools

Streamlining Repetitive Tasks

Streamlining Repetitive Tasks Using Legal Workflow Automation Tools

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then assigning routine tasks one by one each time you take on a new PI case should drive you crazy—because the results are the same: disorganization, wasted time, frantic scrambling, overlooked assignments, late projects, missed deadlines, constant emails, and the ever-lingering feeling that you’ve missed something (just like we probably forgot a few items on this list).

Well, the good news is that the only thing your PI firm needs to remember going forward is CloudLex®.  Our legal workflow solutions allow you to group together recurring tasks and assign them all at once—so you can stop acting like a babysitter and get back to being a lawyer.

It almost makes too much sense; but if you still need convincing, here’s a simple primer on how it works…

You have a hearing coming up…now what?

Similar to the butterfly effect, every step of a PI case (e.g. intake, discovery, mediation, trial) sets off a series of mini-steps (e.g. events, tasks) that need to be taken care of—and those butterflies are almost always the same. In this fun example, we have a simple hearing coming up—which means the lead attorney needs to be assigned critical events (e.g., notice of hearing filing, hearing date) and corresponding tasks need to be delegated (e.g., send courtesy copies, prepare a digital hearing folder, print document binders, converse in good faith with opposing counsel, arrange a court reporter).

Doesn’t this non-exhaustive list of things to get done sound exhausting?  And that’s just the tip of the to-do list iceberg—there are innumerable clusters of events and tasks that need to be handled during the course of PI litigation.  So how do you stay on top of everything without being toppled over by administrative tasks?

Well, there’s the old way…

Remember all the tasks and events we just talked about? Well you better, because in the past you’d have to create them one by one…each and every time you have a hearing…for every single matter.  And this is just one (simple) stage of the case.

Then there’s the better way….

With CloudLex’s legal workflow automation tools you can assign all hearing-related tasks at once. (Imagine doling out your kids’ chores for the year on the first day of school and never having to ask again). And it’s not just hearings—you can create custom workflows for any stage of your case that requires repetitive tasks.  Once assigned, your colleagues and staff will get reminders whenever they log in to CloudLex and follow-up emails as an added protection against missed deadlines…you can even track task status on your dashboard.

We promise this isn’t a dream, but continuing to assign tasks on an individual basis is definitely a nightmare for your law firm.  If you want to make your PI practice more efficient, organized, and focused—and less prone to mistakes—then sign up for a free demo and check out all the ways our legal matter management software can help make your job easier with automatic workflows; we’d remind you, but we can’t….yet!

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