Keep Your Dates Straight With a Proper Legal Calendaring System

If you’re unsure if keeping your calendar straight is important, read this refresher; but here’s the gist: IT’S IMPORTANT. Missing deadlines like a skipped court date or failure to appear at a deposition can lead to severe (and often fatal) consequences for your PI firm—which is why most firms use more than one calendar app as a safeguard. But more doesn’t equal better when your information is incomplete. Using 3 different apps with 3 different calendars is like using multiple watches with only 1 clock hand to tell the time—once you’ve figured it out, things have changed.

Enter CloudLex…our legal calendaring software integrates with Google and Microsoft Outlook and syncs your important dates across apps so you’re always in the know—no matter what calendar you happen to be viewing.

Here’s how it works…

Simply open up Settings in CloudLex and turn on integration with your favorite calendar apps. Any upcoming events that you’ve created in CloudLex will instantly be added to the integrated calendars you’ve chosen.

Now what?

1) Create or modify events in CloudLex (or our iOS app) and they’ll show up in your integrated calendars (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar…duh); 2) Modify calendar events created in CloudLex in your integrated apps and changes will show up in both places; 3) Continue to take advantage of the rest of CloudLex’s helpful calendaring features; 4) Never miss a deadline again.

What can’t you do?

1) Sync events created in Google Calendar or Outlook to CloudLex (but you can modify CloudLex events in either app and they’ll sync); 2) Afford to wait any longer to check out our Legal Cloud®.

No need to make an appointment…just head on over to our website to sign up for a free demo so we can show you our legal calendaring system and the rest of our “everything but the kitchen sync” suite of groundbreaking apps…you’ll be integrate-ful you did.

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