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Keep Your Dates Straight With a Proper Legal Calendaring System

Legal Calendaring System

Keep Your Dates Straight With a Proper Legal Calendaring System

For personal injury law firms and attorneys, if you are unsure if keeping your calendar centralized and organized is important, read this refresher; but here’s a summary of the post: it is very important.

The result of an unorganized and chaotic calendar can include missing deadlines, which can lead to very real and very expensive consequences. Missing deadlines like a skipped court date or failure to appear at a deposition can lead to severe consequences for your PI firm –which is why some firms use more than one calendar app to stay organized. However, more does not equate to better when your information is incomplete. Using 3 different apps with 3 different calendars is like using multiple watches with only 1 clock hand to tell the time—once you’ve figured it out, things have changed.

Solve your problems with an effective event management software for legal firms with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook and syncs your important dates across applications so you are always in the know—no matter what calendar you happen to be viewing. Use CloudLex’s calendaring software to keep everyone in the firm on the same page and never miss a date.

CloudLex’s legal calendaring software is essentially one legal calendar for your entire firm,helping you avoid duplicate event entries and keeping everyone in the firm on the same page. The various benefits of a powerful legal calendaring software include:

  • Staying on top of deadlines
  • Matter-linked events
  • Access calendar on the go 
  • Sync multiple calendars
  • Have all calendars in one place
  • Bring everything together

CloudLex’s legal calendar can keep all your dates straight and be your legal firm’s savior if you know how to properly utilize all the functions to your advantage.

Firstly, our calendar displays all your firm’s events in a single view, while the user-friendly and color-coded layout lets you view and manage your matter-related critical milestones. 

Secondly, you can link tasks to specific events to track your progress towards completion. You are also able to filter through search categories (e.g. event owners, location, event types) to find events faster in your calendar. Furthermore, downloading CloudLex’s mobile personal injury app will allow you to access the calendar at home, in the office, at the courthouse, and everywhere in between. 

You can sync all CloudLex events to your most used calendar apps to automatically keep your calendar updated. Lastly, CloudLex can be used as a firm-wide calendar, providing better transparency for your tasks and upcoming deadlines. 

  • Create or modify events in CloudLex (or our iOS/Android app) and they will show up automatically in your integrated calendars (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar). 
  • Modify calendar events created in CloudLex in your integrated apps and changes will show up in both places.
  • Continue to take advantage of the rest of CloudLex’s helpful calendaring features. 
  • Never miss a deadline again.

The only function CloudLex’s legal calendaring software does not offer is the ability to sync events created in Google Calendar or Outlook onto CloudLex. However, you can modify CloudLex events in either app and they will sync. Giving you all the more reason to start using CloudLex’s legal calendar as the dominant one-firm wide calendar. 

As previously mentioned, an unorganized and chaotic calendar can result in missing deadlines, which can lead to severe consequences for your PI firm. 

What you cannot do with CloudLex’s legal calendaring software is afford to wait any longer to check out our  Legal Cloud®.
No need to waste any more time making an appointment, just head on over to our website to sign up for a free demo so we can show you our legal calendaring system and the rest of our “everything but the kitchen sync” suite of groundbreaking apps…you’ll be integrate-ful you did.

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