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Seize Your Day With Our Case Management Dashboards

Case Management Dashboards

We’ll keep this short because we know you’re busy: it’s hard enough to figure out what’s going on in your day, let alone maintain a birds-eye view of what’s going on in your personal injury law firm on a minute-by-minute basis.

Sure an assistant might help, but hiring an assistant for every attorney requires a lot of resources. And even the most gifted of assistants can’t keep you updated on all the firm-wide and granular developments happening in your practice in real-time.

That’s where we come in…from the minute that you open CloudLex, our Case Management Dashboards shower you with accurate information—allowing you to attack your day and get back to focusing on what’s important: winning cases. So without further ado, here are just a few of the ways our dashboards for legal matter management software can help prepare you for the day, so you can rest easier at night.

Start from the top

Before you hit the pavement on your day, you should get under the hood of your firm and see if all your parts are working. CloudLex’s dashboards let you effectively manage the health of your firm so you can see which of your cases are on the road to victory and which may need a tune-up.

Through our targeted reports, you’ll gain in-depth insight into your firm’s key performance indicators—e.g., new matters per month, closed matters per month, stalled matters—so you can decide where to allocate or scale back your office resources and make your PI firm more efficient.

Make sure things get done

Related to that last point, our Tasks feature lets you see which of your daily projects are headed for the finish line and which are off track—so you can find problems with your cases before problems with your cases find you.

This essential dashboard feature provides you with easy-to-understand graphics and detailed reports that enable you to stay on top of deadlines, delegate (or re-delegate) critical projects, and make informed and effective business decisions.

Stay ahead of your day

A calendar is a map to your day—you won’t find your way to the end without it. But sometimes maps can be hard to navigate and that’s where we come in. Our dashboard functions as your key—providing you with a daily schedule and reminding you of looming events and tasks—because the consequences of a missed deadline can be very real and very expensive.

Maximize your productivity

Your day doesn’t stop once you leave the office—you need to be able to conquer it, no matter the time or place. Our dashboards live in the cloud—not at your desk—so you can access them no matter where your day (or your clients) might find you. And our recently introduced iOS app gives you a complete view of your agenda in one compact, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing package.

And if you want a complete view of all the ways our next-gen Legal Cloud®️ can help make your day, week, month, year, decade, century, millennium, etc. more productive, then race on over to our website and sign up for a case management software demo…if you were already using CloudLex, we could remind you—but until then, go now…hurry up, before you forget!

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