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How Cloudlex Helps You Collaborate With Colleagues and Clients

Collaborate With Colleagues and Clients

In the digital world, case management collaboration is more critical than ever. Every case is a collaborative case; with a team made up of attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, experts, doctors, clients, and many more, and in pandemic times, not only does this team have to work collaboratively but often remotely too.

Effective case management lets each team member know what’s currently being worked on and makes sure that they never have to wait long for updates, but it also allows the attorney in charge to see an overview of the case and tasks being worked on. They can set tasks, workflows, and track if any team is getting behind – before it becomes a problem. Case management collaboration helps the team provide a more streamlined process for the client and helps to increase efficiency and productivity.

Intake Manager

It can be difficult to get updates promptly using regular forms of communication. It can also be unclear to the client when they need to give valuable input about their case to their personal injury lawyer. Cloudlex’s Intake Manager generates intuitive intake forms with clients, allowing them to upload new information that can be accessed and uploaded immediately. This eliminates the need for mindless back-and-forth communication in the beginning stages. This information, including their health care and insurance company information (e.g., care management and care plans), is stored securely, and the form can be completed in-person or remotely.

Matter Manager

CloudLex’s Matter Manager continues the collaborative case’s journey seamlessly through CloudLex. When a client signs, you simply transfer all the case information from Intake through to Matter Manager with the click of a button. Here the leading attorney can continue to oversee the case, assign tasks to key team members, set up workflows to assign and track repetitive tasks with ease, and keep an eye on all upcoming deadlines and important dates so that nothing is missed. If the whole team is working from home, this doesn’t change, and your law firm continues working without missing a step.

Client Messenger

Client management is an important aspect of being a PI lawyer; clients come to you for help in a vulnerable time. Keeping them in the loop is reassuring for them and shows them that your firm cares. With our Client Messenger system, you can easily text clients updates directly from their case file in a secure, protected forum – and they can reply, with their replies (including any attachments) kept organized in their file for your team to review.

Effective case management collaboration should be at the forefront of every personal injury law firm. Sign up for a free demo of CloudLex today to see how your firm can successfully work on collaborative documents in real-time and to give your whole team better access to updates and progress reports.

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